Force Friday Favourites or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Jakks’s Jyn Erso

I was third in the queue for Rogue Friday Midnight Madness at TRU Brent Cross. I am the fourth FOTF team member to write about my favourite Go Rogue collectibles. I am going to talk about two toys. Are these numbers significant? No. Will their confluence bring balance to the Force? No. Are Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes the Star Wars universe’s answer to the E Street Band? Yes. Life is all about the journey, except when that journey is on the 232 bus to Brent Cross. An evening stood in the Ballardian concrete nightmare of a North London retail park may not seem particularly appealing. However, the prospect of new Star Wars toys has a transformative effect on any situation. Instead of a dreary car park, boundless star fields. Rather than a hive of scum and villainy, a hive of scum and villainy. You get the idea.


K-2SO wonders whether the captain will let him break some nerds

Yes, I was there for Star Wars toys, but I was also there to meet up with fellow Star Wars fans I am delighted to call friends. I attended The Force Awakens product launch at the same store last year and met some really great people there. Out of new friendships forged that evening in 2015 followed other friendships, which has in part led to the creation of Future of the Force. Rogue Friday was a great opportunity to hang out with FOTF’s news editor Phil, his brother Carl and our own answer to Steve Sansweet, UK Toy Collector. The TRU staff were gracious, helpful and pleasant throughout the event, as they were last year. Although it must be said that this year was a resounding success where the previous one was not. The trouble with Force Friday 2015 had nothing to do with TRU or their staff, but was down to the lack of product they had been provided with. These are old arguments, so I’m not going to dwell on them, but I just want to highlight that one case of The Black Series 6” does not Midnight Madness make (more Midnight Express maybe). Rogue Friday was, in contrast, wonderful. Stock was plentiful and collectors were satisfied. I personally got everything I wanted and a little bit more. I’m still basking in it.

Okay, to the toys! You’ve seen a couple of items from my haul as discussed by Radio Ryloth. I’m just glad she got the memo that it wasn’t an unboxing, so balance has actually been maintained in the Force.


At the top of my 3.75” must have list was not in fact a Rogue One character, but rather everyone’s favourite Madalorian warrior artist Sabine from Star Wars Rebels. Firstly, it’s fantastic to finally have a single carded Sabine. She should be and should have been a staple of the 3.75” line since Rebels launched. Not just two-packs, but single carded and as a pack-in with vehicle. (A Sabine with brightly painted TIE set would be sweet!) I was reliably informed by friend of FOTF (FOFOTF?) Mark Jackson that Sabine was only being packed one to a case for Rogue One wave 1. So I was a little concerned about securing her on the night. Mighty glad I got her (although she was hidden behind Kanan when we got to the pegs — my heart sank a little), but I just hope this figure is plentiful out there in the wild. The season 1 two-pack was notoriously difficult to find at retail, at least in the UK, which is still a sore point (I’m not even getting started on Hera right now). Sabine is an important character in Rebels and should be equally as available as all other members of the Ghost crew.

The Rebels animated style translates beautifully to the 3.75” scale. Which has meant — for the most part — that Rebels figures have transcended the limitations of 5POA, where their movie counterparts sometimes haven’t fared quite so well. And this Rebels figure is a beauty. Another first for Sabine in this line is that she has a removable helmet, which adult collectors and kids alike can’t help but love. One of my absolute favourite Star Wars figures as a kid was Leia (Boushh Disguise) — how disappointing and less cool would that have been with a helmet that didn’t come off? The Sabine sculpt really captures her likeness from season 2 and the paint apps are not bad at all. To top it all off the card art is stunning and sits nicely within the Rogue One design.

I love Sabine as a character. I love this figure. I also love my daughter Tiny Twi’lek, yet I resisted her begging me to take Sabine out of her packaging. I will get her one of her own. I just hope I can find her again.


This is the point where I tell you that I love The Black Series, in a roundabout way of explaining why I have chosen a Jakks Pacific toy. TBS6 Jynn (which I now have two of), K-2SO and the Death Trooper are particularly awesome figures. These were high priority for me and I was not disappointed. Being third in the queue at TRU I had my pick of TBS6 and 3.75”, so thankfully got everything I wanted. I couldn’t resist throwing a Scarif Trooper Pop into the mix. Because Scarif Troopers are cool. Fact. So, I had my haul and was ready to stroll to the tills, a happy collector. On the way, she caught my eye. Jyn Erso. Not just any Jyn Erso, but the Jakks Pacific 18” version. However, I don’t buy Jakks Pacific figures, so our brief connection was severed.

Each of us in attendance that night was not allowed to initially buy more than one of each figure. This was a sensible rule that we all got behind. After paying, however, you could you back for a second crack at the Rogue supplies. I think it was Phil who suggested we do so. I was happy to go along, but wasn’t intending on buying anything else. Or so I thought.

I’ve got to say I fell for Jakks Pacific Jyn like something out of a bad romance picture. A sophisticated rather than unseemly one of course. I was quite taken with her, you could say. I’m not a fan of this scale, but in this case it works beautifully. The face has a good, clean sculpt and the paint apps are accurately applied. Jyn’s likeness is right there, at least to my eyes. Eyes that are clouded by my Jakks Jyn infatuation maybe, but I don’t mind.

We did some photos with Rogue One standees afterwards and it just seemed natural to hug my Jyn Erso Jakks figure. Which was a little bit silly, but perfectly fitting with the fun of Rogue Friday. So here’s to you Jynn Erso Jakks Pacific. You’re more than mere plastic.

Plastic fantastic
Stewart Gardiner

Unreliable narrator. David Lynch nerd. Star Wars fan. International assassin. Arthouse and classic film. Co-editor-in-chief at Future of the Force. Writer at 25 Years Later.

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