Tiny Twi’lek Reviews: Star Wars Vile Villains Ultimate Sticker Collection (DK)

I’m an adult — at least on paper — but that doesn’t stop me appreciating Star Wars books that are aimed at kids. Which means I will be reading and talking about certain younger skewing titles for Future of the Force. However I will also be involving my daughter Tiny Twi’lek from time to time, since her six year old mind will go places that mine no longer can.

A portrait of the artist as a young Twi’lek

DK Publishing was kind enough to send a copy of the new Star Wars sticker collection to my daughter for Halloween. A lovely gesture that Tiny Twi’lek was delighted by! I wondered if she’d care to share her thoughts with us about the book and she was more than happy to. So I asked her some questions.

All opinions are Tiny Twi’lek’s. She knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to use it!

Me: What do you like about Star Wars sticker books?

Tiny Twi’lek: It’s fun sticking stickers. Most children like stickers, but not all of them. All different characters stuck in a book. And you can take them off and stick them places.

What’s different about this one?

It’s about Halloween. Same characters but Halloweeny backgrounds and dressed up as Halloweeny characters.

What are some of your favourite stickers in the book?

Darth Vader holding a Death Star. I think they’ve done that because he built the Death Star with a lot of help from his stormtroopers and other helpers.

The Ewok trying to be all spooky so he can try and scare the Empire. I like how they’ve done the pumpkins with the droid eyes. I think that Ewoks sometimes collect droids when a droid goes near them.

What happened with Threepio and the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi?

And they think droids are gods.

All droids?

Most droids.

What about Artoo?

Mostly golden ones.

What else do you like about the book?

On the pages that you stick stickers on I like how there’s lots of spaces with candy characters on.

Tell me about the candy.

My page of candy?


So I’ve stuck like — I’ve used all the stickers of candy from all the pages in the book. I’ve put them in an order how I’ve taken them off the sheet. I like how there’s all different colours. There’s small Yodas made of candy and bigger Yodas.

Candy characters

I like how they’ve mixed up The Clone Wars, the Prequels and the [original] three movies. I really like how they’ve done some stickers that have scenes that were in The Clone Wars.

I like how the front cover has candy on it and characters to show you what kind of things are in it.

Tiny Twi’lek likes to create her own pages of stickers outside of the sticker books

Have you been able to find your favourite characters?

There isn’t Rey in it. You can tell she’s not spooky, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be in it.

Are there enough Leias?

There are two.

There isn’t Ahsoka. Well, there is one Ahsoka.

Are you happy with that?

I think there should be more Leias and way more Ahsokas.

The Dathomir Nights pages are really cool.

Where are the dead people? There!

(Finds sticker of zombie witches.)

Look at how sharp nails they have. Mother Talzin’s kind have really long nails.

Do you like the idea of a Halloween themed Star Wars sticker book?

I think they should do Halloween Star Wars sticker books every Halloween and I think that lots of people should get them. And if you like Star Wars, just get one, okay?

Any final thoughts on the book?

It is amazing. This is your last warning: if you do not get this at Halloween you will not see the coolness of it.

This has been a Last Action Hera transmission for Future of the Force. Continue the cantina conversation @futureotforce

Stewart Gardiner

Unreliable narrator. David Lynch nerd. Star Wars fan. International assassin. Arthouse and classic film. Co-editor-in-chief at Future of the Force. Writer at 25 Years Later.

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