Bring Balance to Yourself With Star Wars Art

The Force Awakens art of colouring book invites everyone to become artists for the pure pleasure of it

My daughter is seven years old and already considers herself an artist. She translates her imagination to the page beautifully, with intricate detailing and brilliant use of colour. More important than my judgement of her work, however, is that she profoundly feels what she is doing and has to do it. The compulsion to create is part of who she is; making art brings her balance.

We don’t all consider ourselves to be artists of course. Even if we enjoyed drawing or painting as kids — the pure joy of it despite our limitations — adulthood tends to favour those activities we excel at…or at least can be bothered to do. The Star Wars art of colouring series takes a refreshingly egalitarian approach. No artistic abilities are required and there are no rules to follow. Qui-Gon Jinn would surely approve.

Flicking through the pages of The Force Awakens art of colouring book is like getting lost inside a dream; if you dream in Star Wars acid flashbacks that is (I know you do). Delightful character illustrations give way to intricate patterns, weaving in and out of TFA’s storyline. There’s a living, breathing Star Wars ecosystem within these pages and the cumulative effect is strangely calming, even without putting pen to paper.

This is what your Star Wars dreams look like in black and white

For those of us who suffer from degrees of anxiety, there may be some calm to be found by gently getting involved in Star Wars art via this book. Or else forget about calm — throw it out the window! — and start imagining yourself as a Ralph McQuarrie or Joe Johnston, feverishly crafting worlds on the page.

Here’s one I made earlier:

Okay, it was a lot earlier (thirty years, give or take) and it isn’t Star Wars, but you get the idea. The much younger me borrowed J.R.R. Tolkien’s Unfinished Tales from the local library and painstakingly copied out and coloured in one of his designs. I didn’t consider myself an artist, but it certainly drew me further into a world of imagination.

Star Wars Art of Colouring: The Force Awakens is published by Egmont in the UK and is available now. © & TM 2017 Lucasfilm Ltd.

Stewart Gardiner

Unreliable narrator. David Lynch nerd. Star Wars fan. International assassin. Arthouse and classic film. Co-editor-in-chief at Future of the Force. Writer at 25 Years Later.

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