September 26, 2023

Did YOU find yours?

This coming Sunday sees the close of the highly regarded Star Wars experience, Identities, at London’s O2 Arena. This fascinating exhibition has been running for over a year now and has seen many people, most of which are Star Wars fans head through the doors to experience an attraction that many of us thought we would never see.

Star Wars fans around the world have been given the chance to see original and rare items from the vast history of the saga, from sculpts and storyboards of aliens from the universe to actual costumes used throughout the saga. The most up to date items being BB-8 and a First Order Stormtrooper costume from The Force Awakens. These are amazing to see but I did feel slightly let down by not having the chance to view props and costumes from the most recent film, Rogue One. Having said that, however, I did get to see them at Star Wars Celebration Europe last year so I can’t be too downhearted, just felt like a missed opportunity to me.

I had wanted to visit the exhibit since it opened and thanks to my young nephew having his birthday the following day, i finally got the chance to go along to it, as visiting the exhibit was one of his birthday wishes. Many people have posted articles about the exhibit so i shall not bore you with another but i shall let my photographs i took during the visit tell the story. I bet you can guess what part of the exhibit was my favourite though!

If you missed the chance to visit Star Wars Identities, then you still have a few days left to rectify this, if you have the chance to do so. It was worth every penny of the entrance fee and, for a Star Wars fan like myself, a truly enjoyable experience. If, sadly, you were unable to attend the exhibition, then hopefully in the coming future, they may put on another one that will encompass the whole Star Wars saga including the standalone films that will deserve to take their place alongside the ‘Episodes’.

And now, for your viewing pleasure….

The stunning Millennium Falcon

The sublime exhibts of Star Wars: Identities

And finally, I found my Star Wars identity….

My Identity: The sinister Darth Kaka

I hope you managed to find Yours.

Until the next time….

May The Force Be With You….Always.


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