Diary Of A Fangirl: The Lexington Comic and Toy Convention

Diary Of A Fangirl: The Lexington Comic and Toy Convention

A fangirl’s review of the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention in Lexington, Kentucky

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the annual Lexington Comic and Toy Convention in Lexington, Kentucky with my dad. This was the first comic-con I had ever attended, which makes it quite an important event in my career as a full-time fangirl, and I am pleased to admit that it was a fantastic experience! Due to this, I wanted to review this con for Future of the Force, in hopes that it’ll help someone else interested in this con.

So here we go!

As this was my first con, we spent a lot of time wandering around the exhibition floor, checking out all the different tables and spending way more money than we probably should have. The exhibition floor was large, and there were tons of neat things to check out there. There were also quite a few comic book artists from Star Wars, Marvel, and many other publishers available to sign books and prints for fans.

As this comic-con has the word “Toy” right there in its full name, you can be sure there were plenty of collectibles to be found at the convention.

Diary Of A Fangirl: The Lexington Comic and Toy Convention

We were able to hunt down some neat Black Series and Funko POP! figures we had been searching for, and I also finally got around to starting my own button and pin collection (which, it seems, is an essential aspect of every self-respecting geek girl’s life).

We also come across quite a few cosplayers wandering around the floor, ranging from everywhere to “closet-cosplay” to actual Rebel Legion and 501st Legion members. There were individuals, couples, kids, and sometimes even whole families dressed in corresponding costumes. This particular part of the convention was a lot of fun for me to experience, as I am a newbie cosplayer myself, but rarely ever meet anyone else to participates in this most elegant art form.

Diary Of A Fangirl: The Lexington Comic and Toy Convention

As I mentioned before, there were members of both the 501st and Rebel Legion Star Wars costuming groups present, as well as members of the Mandalorian Mercs. And I also got a chance to “meet” Roxie the Rancor and the Luggabeast made by the same folks, as well as snap pictures with R2-D2 and BB-8!!

Diary Of A Fangirl: The Lexington Comic and Toy Convention

We were only able to make it to one panel at Lexington Comic-Con, but I thoroughly enjoyed the one we did get to attend, which was a cast reunion Q&A with several actors, puppeteers, and other crew members from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Return of the Jedi is my favorite from the original trilogy of Star Wars films, so it was really neat to get to see and hear from those who worked on it directly.

Diary Of A Fangirl: The Lexington Comic and Toy Convention

Although very crowded on Saturday, the atmosphere was much more relaxed on Sunday, as it was the last day of the con. And even with all the other people milling about, the environment was very welcoming and family-friendly. All of the cosplayers I talked to were more than happy to pose for pictures with me, I had fun conversations with many of the vendors, and a very helpful member of the Mercs educated us on the different styles of Mandalorian helmets and ways they can be constructed. Before going to the Lexington Comic-Con, we had been told many different stories from people we knew about their experiences attending similar events, some of which were “horror stories” of what some conventions are like through the eyes of parents with young children. But we found quite the opposite to be the case with this con, as almost all of the cosplayers and exhibitors, as well as the overall environment, fell quite comfortably into the “family friendly” range.

As always, there were certainly a few outliers, but based on the general experience, I think I would have no problem bringing my young sisters along for the ride if I get a chance to go back.

If I were to be asked to grade it, I believe I would give the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention an 8 out of 10 stars. As I stated before, the vendors had amazing content, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at everything for sale. There was plenty of representation of the various fan groups, and their tables seemed to be well-staffed and taken care of. The family-friendly aspect was definitely present, and we saw many families of all sizes and age ranges enjoying the con while we were there. The only thing that was a prominent problem for us was trying to get our tickets and actually find the correct entrance to the convention center when we first arrived. It took us a while of wandering around outside in the cold wind to figure out which entrance we were supposed to go into, and a bit longer to find our way upstairs to where we could pick up our pre-ordered passes. But once we were able to get inside and locate a worker who gave us clear directions, everything was fine.

All in all, this was a great first experience with con-going for me and has given me an even stronger desire to attend more in the future. Maybe I’ll even get a chance at some of the bigger conventions around the country before too much time passes! (It’s also taken my longing to go to the next Star Wars Celebration up about twenty more notches!!)

I can’t wait to see what’s planned for next year, and I already hope to be able to attend again.

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