February 7, 2023
Wonder Woman 1984 | The End is Near for Steve Trevor

Chris Pine confirms Steve Trevor will not return for another Wonder Woman sequel

News coming out of Hollywood regarding Patty Jenkins’ highly anticipated sequel ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘. Actor Chris Pine has stated that the second film following DC’s Themysciran heroine will be his last as character Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman 1984 | The End is Near for Steve Trevor

The character sacrificed himself in the action-packed finale of the first film and rumours are swirling around regarding how his character manages to not only rise from the dead but travels forward in time to 1984. If the filmmakers follow the T.V series and various comics, the answer could be he is Steve Trevor’s grandchild who remarkably looks exactly like him. Nothing was mentioned in the original film stating Trevor had a child before meeting Diana Prince but the plot thread is there if the film decides to go down that route.

Wonder Woman 1984 | The End is Near for Steve Trevor

In addition, Patty Jenkins has admitted she already has the story for the third film in mind. She has also stated that the third film will be her final one regarding the character, deciding to bow out by ending her own personal trilogy not unlike what director Christopher Nolan did with his ‘Dark Knight‘ saga.

Chris Pine’s announcement is disappointing to fans of the Wonder Woman franchise but Patty Jenkins announcement is more concerning. On the one hand, we are guaranteed at least one more Wonder Woman adventure. On the other, could Jenkins’ decision to walk away after the third film lead actress Gal Gadot to also take her leave from the DC universe? Or will Warner Bros. reboot the character with a new actress in the title role? I’m hopeful Ms Gadot will continue to play the character beyond a third film but nothing is set in stone.

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Patty Jenkins has also now stated she doesn’t think another Justice League film should be made until AFTER she vacates the Wonder Woman movie series. In principle, it’s a good idea but can Warner Bros. hold onto the talent they have for the film for that long without uncertainty that a new film will be made? It’s seriously doubtful.

We will of course report any further developments or news coming out regarding this story.


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