September 27, 2023
Comic Review | Star Wars: Cassian & K-2SO

Liam finds himself on the frontlines with Captain Cassian Andor for a rendesvous K-2SO in Marvel’s superb Star Wars adventure…

Captain Cassian Andor is one of the top intelligence agents in the ranks of the Rebel Alliance, ably assisted by his reprogrammed Imperial security droid, K-2SO. But naturally, the two weren’t always on the same side of the Galactic Civil War. Now, for the first time, read the story of the pair’s first contentious meeting! It is very likely not to go well.

Star Wars: Cassian & K-2SO | by Duane Swierczynski, Fernando Blanco and Chris Samnee

Comic Review | Star Wars: Cassian & K-2SO

For fans wondering how Cassian met K-2SO and reprogrammed the droid, this is the comic for this. Cassian is sent on a mission to obtain Imperial security protocols; the mission ends up taking a turn for the worse and leaves the Rebel needing to improvise, leading to K-2SO the Imperial droid being reprogrammed in order to help Cassian and his Rebel allies escape.

The way in which Cassian is portrayed in the comic is exactly what you would expect after seeing him in Rogue One, quite edgy, and quick to act if it’s required as seen in Rogue One when he eliminated an informant because he wouldn’t be able to escape Imperial Stormtroopers. Cassian also has an easy going persona that is apparent throughout this comic. Cassian is joined by two rather interesting aliens on his mission, Kertas and Rismor; the pair communicate primarily through producing smells for one another, which isn’t ideal for Cassian as he is then out of the loop.

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Droid rights have been an interesting topic over the last year or so since the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story; especially with L3-37 initiating and aiding the droid liberation on Kessel during the film. The topic came up during this comic when K-2SO asks Cassian whether the droid has a choice or not before being reprogrammed, which in some cases questions whether K2 wanted it to happen. On the other hand, by Cassian doing what he did, it did allow K2 more independence and the ability to make his own choices.

Comic Review | Star Wars: Cassian & K-2SO

Final Thoughts:

Cassian and K-2SO is an adventurous story that provides readers with a reason to turn the pages. Writer Duane Swierczynski captures the spirit of Cassian and K2 as well as introducing other characters to the equation. With regards to the art, it truly reflects the spirit of Rogue One with great visuals all round regardless of whether it’s an action sequence, or a conversation between characters.

Star Wars: Cassian & K-2SO | by Duane Swierczynski, Fernando Blanco and Chris Samnee is published by Marvel Comics and is widely available from all good comic book stores now.


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