Aquaman Returns | Warner Bros. Confirms Our Returns to Atlantis

Jason Momoa will return to defend Atlantis in the sequel to last years runaway DC blockbuster

In a stunning move that will come as a surprise to exactly no one, it’s been confirmed that Warner Bros. has ordered work to be started on a sequel to its 2018 smash hit DC universe film ‘Aquaman‘ that is still ruling box offices around the world.

No word yet on if writer/director James Wan will return but its expected that the main cast from the original film will be back for round two of DC’s underwater epic. Wan’s involvement is in doubt as the director feels he accomplished all he wanted to in the first film and has stated he either wants to take a break from film work or to work on a smaller film for his next project.

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Jason Momoa has been quoted as saying that, if they can find a way to bring them into the film, the sequel will also feature Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Ezra Miller’s The Flash in some way. Strangely, he has omitted the characters of Batman, Superman and Cyborg from his statement. With the recent confirmation of Ben Affleck’s highly publicised departure from the role and Henry Cavill’s future far from certain, it seems his comments lend weight to fears that the two actors are done with their roles. However, Ray Fisher is still contracted to play Cyborg again.


This is wonderful news coming out of Warner’s and we can only hope James Wan does return for megaphone and writing duties again as the sequel has to go hell for leather to match the enjoyment levels of the first film and I fear, without Wan’s involvement the quality of the film may suffer.

We can only watch and wait for any further news to come out and we at Future Of The Force will report it the minute it breaks.


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