October 1, 2023
Joe Pesci Watches Home Alone Again (Google Assistant)

The greatest advertisement ever made has got a sequel and Joe Pesci doesn’t have to wait for the big game to know what his favourite commercial is.

Last month, Google dropped the first advert for their new device, Google assistant. What made the ad so much better was the coup they pulled off convincing Macaulay Culkin to return to audiences, reprising his role as a now older Kevin McCallister in a throwback to the Home Alone movies. I commented back then on how it was a fantastic advert but bemoaned the fact they were unable to get legendary actor Joe Pesci to come temporarily out of retirement to make a guest appearance.  Pesci retired in 1999 and has only made fleeting cameo appearances since then. We could hope but it probably never come to pass.


ONLY IT DID! Google have today dropped the second advert for their Google assistant. This time, however, the advert focuses on someone sitting on a couch watching the first ad.  The camera pans into the persons face and it’s JOE PESCI!! Yes, the man has come out of retirement and appeared in a sequel to the first ad. Sadly, the advert doesn’t place him in the same comedic scenario like his once co-star but who cares? It’s Joe F’N Pesci !!

We follow him and his friends as it builds up to his ‘big’ moment, the part of the film where we hear his voice stating “Better get out of here before somebody sees us”. The whole room cheers for the legendary Oscar winner who calmly states “I nailed it”. Yes sir, you sure did.

Though not as good as the original advertisement, it’s a joy to see Joe Pesci again. Even though it’s only for a few fleeting seconds, people like me who remember the first two Home Alone movies can smile yet again at the throwback to our childhoods.

Now Google, if you could just convince Daniel Stern and Catherine O’Hara to join in the fun, that would be great!


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Source: Google

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