February 3, 2023
Sorry, Jack Chucky's Back! | The Child's Play Reboot Trailer has Arrived

Sorry, Jack Chucky’s Back! Carl explores the trailer for the upcoming Child’s Play reboot

I have to admit, I’m not a huge lover of the current trend of Hollywood ‘rebooting’ old movies. Of course, some are pretty good (The Evil Dead and Halloween 2018 being standouts), others are average at best (I’m looking at you, IT) and some are just downright trash (Overboard, Fantastic Four, Red Dawn, Robocop). But it seems to be the in thing, take a classic film, reboot it for a new generation and release it to the masses.

Today, the trailer for the reboot of Child’s Play has been released. Starring Aubrey Plaza, the film has taken the premise of the 1988 film and brought up to date for modern times. My knives were out for the film from day one. Not only has the reboot got nothing to do with creator Don Mancini but the voice of Chucky to me will always be Brad Dourif and he hasn’t been requested to come back and voice the character. My expectations were very low.

Sorry, Jack Chucky's Back! | The Child's Play Reboot Trailer has Arrived

However, after viewing the trailer, it seems to me that the new film has taken the property and original film and given it a nice modern twist. I noticed several sequences during the trailer that have been lifted from the 1988 film and remade. They DO look good, the essence of the film seems to be there after all. The film looks like it may JUST be a worthy remake.

A quick recap of the original film, Child’s Play was about a dying murderer Charles Lee Ray transferring his soul into a ‘Good Guys’ doll via a Voodoo ritual after being shot by a police officer played by Chris Sarandon. The doll, Chucky was bought by a single mother played by Catherine Hicks for her son Andy’s birthday. Chucky wants to transfer his soul into Andy to live again. During the course of the film, Chucky commits several murders. Andy realises that Chucky is evil and is the perpetrator but of course, no one believes him. Big Mistake!

Sorry, Jack Chucky's Back! | The Child's Play Reboot Trailer has Arrived

We have yet to find out how Chucky is possessed this time around or by whom as yet but one part of the trailer I did find enjoyable was when the doll scanned its new owner. This suggests that the film has taken the property seriously and has done its utmost to keep the spirit of the franchise fresh and alive. Of course, we have yet to see the new Chucky dolls face or heard its voice. This could be either the film’s redemption or its ultimate failure. Brad Dourif put his heart and soul (no pun intended) into what is basically a cameo appearance in the flesh but it’s his voice portrayal and twisted laughter that made Chucky so scary and frightening to us. The puppet and Dourif’s voice are a match made in hell. The new film has that to overcome if it wants to be regarded as a successful remake.

Don Mancini and Brad Dourif are developing their own Chucky TV show at this time. Dourif has portrayed Chucky now for seven films and now in the TV incarnation. The new film has that to contend with too and has that to overcome if it’s going to be a success.

Sorry, Jack Chucky's Back! | The Child's Play Reboot Trailer has Arrived

However, after viewing the first trailer, my expectations have been raised just a little bit higher. I’m now willing to give the film a chance which until today I had no intention of giving it. Do the film right and it may fall into the first category above. Do it wrong and it will certainly enter into the third category without a second thought. Will this new Chucky be our friend to the end? Only time will tell.

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“Hi! I’m Chucky! Wanna play?”


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