February 6, 2023
Game Over Man? Maybe Not!

James Cameron teases a blockbuster return to the Alien franchise…

Could it be true? Could it ACTUALLY happen?

This past weekend saw the release of the James Cameron/Robert Rodriguez collaboration ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ around the world. Speaking on the red carpet at the premiere of the film, James Cameron was asked the question: After Director Tim Miller is done with The Terminator reboot, aptly named Terminator: Dark Fate, could he give Neill Blomkamp a call about his Aliens project. To our surprise and delight, Cameron quickly answered:

“I’m working on that, Yeah”

WHAT?? Did we just hear that correctly? Did James Cameron, the man who gave us one of the best sequels ever with his 1986 film ‘Aliens’, just say he was intending to work with Neill Blomkamp on his long-gestating Aliens film?

Game Over Man? Maybe Not!

HOLY S**t!!!!!!!

Of course, this could just be a throwaway remark but I’m praying to the movie gods that it isn’t. James Cameron took the ‘Alien’ property and completely turned it on its head. He took the themes and horror from Ridley Scott’s sublime original film and crafted a film that blew us all away. Far from being a retread or a tired sequel, the film was an all-action horror film for the ages. Many people feel that ‘Aliens’ is the best film in the franchise and I have to say I agree with them. Where Ridley Scott‘s original was a masterclass in suspense with an evil feel of claustrophobia, Cameron’s upheld his vision and added to it masterfully.


No further information is available at this time but maybe the Alien 5 project still has a heartbeat after all. If James Cameron could step up to the plate and go to bat for Neill Blomkamp at 20th Century Fox and take a producer role and maybe take a look at the script and either add to it or fine-tune it, the film could possibly not only invigorate the franchise but bring a decent close to Ellen Ripley’s story finally. That would be one of the best decisions Fox could make. Cameron, with his ‘Avatar’ sequels upcoming with the studio and his track record with them with ‘Titanic’, has a good relationship with the heads at Fox and he is one of the only people involved with the franchise’s history to be able to convince them to get behind the project and to greenlight it again.

Game Over Man? Maybe Not!

Will this happen? Who knows. But the fact that Cameron would be willing to step up and work with Blomkamp on the film gives us a much-needed hope to cling on to.  With Blomkamp’s script and Cameron’s knowledge and experience, we could be on the verge of FINALLY getting the ‘Alien(s)’ sequel we’ve been crying out for over 30 years. I want this to happen. I need this to happen.

Please 20th Century Fox, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Until next time…

“Outstanding! Now, all we need is a deck of cards!”


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