February 5, 2023
Deadshot Gone | Will Smith Will Not Reprise His Role In The Suicide Squad

Scheduling conflicts force Will Smith to withdraw from James Gunn’s relaunch…

Breaking news overnight.

Will Smith won’t be returning as Deadshot in the 2021 sequel “The Suicide Squad”

Scheduling conflicts have been blamed for the actor’s withdrawal from the DC sequel. Even though his involvement wasn’t confirmed, it is sure to be a huge blow to the film’s chances of success.


No word yet on whether Warner’s will recast the role or if the character will make an appearance at all in the sequel but Smith’s withdrawal will remove one of the big box office names from James Gunn’s awaited follow up movie.

Margot Robbie and the majority of the original cast (minus Cara Delevingne) are still expected to appear as their characters in the movie.

More news as we get it. Stay tuned to The Future Of The Force for updates.


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