January 28, 2023
Blade | Is The Daywalker About to Stalk the Night Again?

Carl explores the unconfirmed reports suggesting Wesley Snipes is about to return to the role of Blade…

Unconfirmed reports are coming out from Hollywood. Normally, we wouldn’t make comment until these reports are either proven or proved to be false but on this occasion, the news concerns one of Marvels best characters of all time.

Blade is one of the best Marvel characters ever created. The half human, half vampire creation has stalked the movie theatres before with a trilogy starring Wesley Snipes. Starting with the original film that enthralled moviegoers, through the fantastic and even better sequel written and directed by Guillermo Del Toro through to the quite frankly insulting and disappointing trilogy closer written and directed by David S Goyer, the character thrilled and horrified us. Rumours have been swirling for years that Marvel would be rebooting the franchise. We all feared, however, that Disney would tone the character down to fit in with their PG-13 rated universe.

Blade | Is The Daywalker About to Stalk the Night Again?

Now, the story is emerging that Disney WILL be rebooting the character again but, in keeping in line with the recently acquired Fox studios’ Deadpool and Logan that each gained an R-rating, they are (supposedly) going to continue with the original Blade trilogy and aim directly for an R-rating instead of making the film family friendly.

What makes the news even better is that it’s being reported that Disney and Marvel have approached Wesley Snipes to reprise his role as Blade again. If you recall, Snipes’ relationship with New Line Cinema and to an even more aggressive extent, David S Goyer soured and broke down irretrievably following the filming of the third film, Blade: Trinity. The atmosphere was so tense during the course of the film’s production that Snipes and Goyer wouldn’t speak to each other in person and only communicated via post-it notes. Adding to the problem was Snipes’ character had his screen time cut down to accommodate supporting actors Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. The end result left a lot to be desired and at times came across as just an advertisement for several high-end products instead of an action based horror film and trilogy closer.

Blade | Is The Daywalker About to Stalk the Night Again?

Snipes has two separate ideas for the continuing adventures of the Daywalker but it’s being reported that the film will be a torch passing movie that has Blade handing down his mantle to his daughter. It’s an interesting idea but I’d rather see a new movie designed pacifically for just Blade himself. If this new version is successful, then consider passing the torch in a sequel. Blade is Snipes’ finest ever cinematic moment on screen. He immersed himself into the character completely, even doing the old acting spiel of refusing to answer to anything but Blade during the production of every film of the trilogy. Snipes IS Blade. And to see any other actor in the role is almost unthinkable.

Blade | Is The Daywalker About to Stalk the Night Again?

This, as I’ve stated before is unconfirmed at this time but it seems like a great plan for Disney and Marvel to pull out of the bag. The Marvel Universe needs Blade to emerge again and to thrill audiences worldwide. He would fit right in alongside Deadpool in an R-rated film or to make an appearance hunting Venom alongside Spider-Man. The possibilities are endless, restricted only to a writers mind. We at Future Of The Force would welcome this news to be confirmed and will keep you posted on any updates concerning what could be another feather in Disney and Marvel’s cap.

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