December 6, 2023
Book Review | Death Of The Planet Of The Apes

The Apes Will Rise While The Fly Flies. Disney is planning to create more Planet of the Apes movies.

The Disney purchase of 20th Century Studios has certainly thrown up a few surprises recently. From the Reboot/adding of X-Men to their collection of heroes up to the continuation of the Alien franchise, We are being continually shocked at what’s coming about. Now, news reaches us that another two franchises from Fox will continue and/or be rebooted.

Disney Interested in Fox's Planet of the Apes and The Fly!


Disney is planning to either continue or reboot the Planet Of The Apes franchise. The most recent film, War For The Planet Of The Apes was a box office smash. It concluded the rebooted trilogy with the death of the lead character of Caeser. The thought behind it was that it was the end of the franchise or at least, the Caeser legend part of it. Now it seems Disney wants the story to continue on. No details yet on casting, writers, or director or what direction this new film will take but it is a welcome announcement for all Sci-Fi and Apes movie fans.

The film could take us back to the original material used in the classic 1968 film that starred Charlton Heston. Of course, the twist is now too well known to be used but the possibilities are endless. If the film is a remake or reboot, it could still follow the character of George Taylor and his crew if it so desires.

Disney Interested in Fox's Planet of the Apes and The Fly!


In addition, it has also been decided that a reboot will be made of the classic horror film ‘The Fly’. The original black and white version and its remake back in 1986 are regarded as classics. The 1986 remake gave spawn to a sequel ‘The Fly II’ but where the original was a masterclass in the storyline, effects, and horror (Courtesy of its director, the legendary David Cronenberg), the sequel was simply a by-the-numbers, sloppy effort.

As original leading actress Geena Davis refused to appear in the sequel, a (poor) lookalike appeared at the film’s beginning, about to give birth to the spawn of the protagonist of the first film, Seth Brundle. Her character didn’t last too long in the sequel, dying as she gave birth to a giant maggot that grew up to resemble Eric Stoltz. I kid you not. Though the cast tried hard with the material they had to work with, the film was just an excuse to show great special effects and model-making in place of an actual story and continuation of Cronenberg’s vastly superior remake.

Disney Interested in Fox's Planet of the Apes and The Fly!


If this new reboot wants to be a success, then it must stick to being what it was designed to be, a horror film. A warning of what happens when mankind messes with human nature without knowing his own limitations. The film would need to fit under the new adult film banner Disney is creating and not be diluted to fit in with the PG-13 rated movies Disney prefers.

Again, no news yet on the cast, writer, or director but here’s hoping they decide to go down the proper route and employ someone who believes in the material they are handed. Maybe an up-and-coming young filmmaker will be given the chance to prove their worth instead of a well-known mainstream director.

Disney Interested in Fox's Planet of the Apes and The Fly!

Just as they did with the Star Wars franchise they gained when they acquired Lucasfilm, Disney has a bold forward-thinking strategy in regards to their future output. It remains to be seen exactly how much of this output makes it to the big screen and what falls by the wayside along the way but it’s certainly looking like exciting times are ahead of us.

Disney is now showing its mettle as the biggest powerhouse in Hollywood. The waves it’s making are threatening the small boats sailing on the Hollywood seas. But Disney seems to be doing what matters most in entertainment. Give the people what they want. With this news today, they are certainly trying to do just that.

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