Leprechaun | Will It Take A Pot Of Gold To Bring Warwick Davis Back?

Carl explores the potential of Warwick Davis returning as the Leprechaun in Darren Lynn Bousman’s proposed reboot

Those of us over a certain age will remember a low budget comedy horror film from 1993 called Leprechaun. It was an enjoyable, time-wasting little film that starred Star Wars and Willow actor Warwick Davis as the title character. It also starred Jennifer Aniston as the main female lead. Yes indeed, THAT Jennifer Aniston. A sequel followed in 1994 followed by a third in 1995 and a fourth, set in space no less appeared in 1997. A further two films followed Leprechaun In The Hood in 2000 and Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood in 2003. Warwick Davis appeared as the character in all of the follow-ups however Jennifer Aniston did not return again. She went on to create the character of Rachael in the classic TV show ‘Friends’ instead.

Leprechaun | Will It Take A Pot Of Gold To Bring Warwick Davis Back?

The series was rebooted back in 2014 with Leprechaun: Origins and that was followed by Leprechaun Returns last year. Warwick Davis did not return in either of the reboot movies, his role taken by Linden Porcho in the last entry of the franchise.

Leprechaun | Will It Take A Pot Of Gold To Bring Warwick Davis Back?

Now, it seems Darren Lynn Bousman wants to bring the character back in a brand new reboot. Bousman, who many people will know is the director of genre films such as SAW parts 2 to 4 and remade the 1980s horror film Mother’s Day has gone even further by saying he wants to make the film and bring Warwick Davis back as the evil character. Bousman has approached Lionsgate Films with his proposal and with screenwriter Scott Milam, has pitched an idea of the Leprechaun going back in time to the time of the Colorado Gold Rush.

Leprechaun | Will It Take A Pot Of Gold To Bring Warwick Davis Back?

There’s been no word from Warwick Davis himself about the film or if he would be interested in returning again. Davis has been busy of late, appearing in the new Star Wars trilogy and the spin-off films Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story as well as his appearances in the Harry Potter franchise and his television work. He is currently on British Television every afternoon at 3pm with his quiz show, Tenable.

Warwick Davis to Host Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019

He made an appearance at London’s Willesden Studios this past Tuesday to open and promote a new feature of it’s Harry Potter tour. If the actor can find time to fit the reboot in remains to be seen if he’s even interested in it at all. If he is, what will it take to bring him back? Davis has his hosting duties at Star Wars Celebration Chicago and his appearances at several conventions around the world in his busy schedule so it may sadly be a case of they cannot make the scheduling work out.

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