September 27, 2023
Child's Play | Mark Hamill Is Your Friend To The End!

The legendary Mark Hamill joins the cast of the Child’s Play reboot


So, I wasn’t exactly totally blown away by the trailer for the upcoming reboot of Child’s Play. I’m from the original generation that saw and heard the legendary Brad Dourif as the evil doll, Chucky. His performance was that menacing and suited the films so well that in my heart of hearts, my knives were out for this reboot from the day it was first announced. No Brad Dourif, I’m not paying money to see an unnecessary money grabbing film for the new generation. Dourif rules ok? I really like Aubrey Plaza and think her work is stellar but I’m not convinced that the film is the right vehicle for her. She will play the part well, of that I have no doubt but will the film suit her talents? It remains to be seen. With that in mind, I dismissed the film as another pointless Hollywood cash grab and NOTHING would make me sit up and take notice when it was released.

Child's Play | Mark Hamill Is Your Friend To The End!

And then the unbelievable happened. The drop of all drops. And NOW I’m interested in the film. The legendary Mark Hamill has announced that HE will be the new voice of Chucky! No April Fools Day Joke. Luke F’N Skywalker himself is providing the evil little bastards voice. Hamill is obviously no stranger to voice-over work, having provided the voice of the ultimate Batman Villain, The Joker in the best-animated show to feature the Dark Knight, Batman: The Animated Series. His portrayal of the Clown Prince of crime is arguably the best ever portrayal of the character there’s ever been. And now Hamill’s voice talents will be heard all over the world again in a villainous role. This could be the masterstroke the new film needs to be judged as a worthy reboot. Could there be a better-suited actor to voice the role? In my opinion, no.

Sorry, Jack Chucky's Back! | The Child's Play Reboot Trailer has Arrived

There’s no word on whether Mark Hamill will appear in the film in the flesh. That remains doubtful due to the fact the filmmakers have changed Chucky’s dynamic this time around. Instead of a dying Voodoo practising murderer transferring his soul into the doll, this time Chucky’s evilness is downloaded into the doll via an online App. The idea this time around is that Chucky is an out of control robot doll. How times have changed. However, there is always the possibility that Hamill could appear on a computer screen as the person who uploads the program that will turn the toy into a murdering child’s doll. Now there’s an idea if the makers haven’t considered it yet! I claim the credit for that idea! Mark Hamill did perform a skit on the franchise before in an episode of Robot Chicken.

Child's Play | Mark Hamill Is Your Friend To The End!

The film is due for release on June 21st in the United States. Starring Aubrey Plaza as Karen Barclay, Gabriel Bateman as Andy Barclay, Brian Tyree Henry as Detective Mike Norris, Tim Matherson as Henry Kaslan and Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky, the film is produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Orion Pictures and KatzSmith Productions and distributed by United Artists Releasing.


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