January 29, 2023
Box Office | Men In Black Lead Lacklustre Weekend

The Men In Black have returned to our screens…shame nobody told the audience!

They’re here to save us from the scum of the universe apparently. ‘Men In Black International‘ invaded the box office at number one this past weekend but certainly didn’t do so in style, taking an unimpressive $28.5million at the ticket booths. The team of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson didn’t seem to work their considerable magic on audiences or critics, the film only gaining a 23% average. The film, budgeted at $110million did manage to take the rest of the world better, earning $73.7million worldwide and giving the film an opening take of $102.2million. Considering the last entry in the series, ‘Men In Black 3’ took $54.5million on it’s opening bow back in 2012, the new entry into the franchise is being viewed as a failure. Maybe audiences just aren’t interested in the franchise without original stars Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones, even though Hollywood big hitter Liam Neeson co-stars in this new outing, giving Columbia Pictures something to consider.

Box Office | Pets Take Bite Out Of X-Men

The Secret Life Of Pets 2‘ dropped 49% of its opening weekend business but still managed to bite off a $23.8million  second weekend and earning it second position on the chart. The animated sequel now sits on a $92million take at the U.S box office and has a worldwide total of $154.5million against its budget of $80million.

Box Office | Pets Take Bite Out Of X-Men

Still working its magic at the third position is Disney’s ‘Aladdin‘. Four weeks into its cinematic run, the film has taken $263.4million domestically after a $16,7million weekend. The film, starring Will Smith in the role of the Genie has a worldwide take of $724.8million, giving Disney renewed hope going into the last three main months of the blockbuster season of hitting home runs at the box office, with the likes of ‘The Lion King’ still to come.

The X-Men fought against audience indifference and disastrous critical reviews to use their powers to gain the fourth position, falling two places and 73% of its opening audience, taking $9million for a domestic running total of $51.7million against its estimated $200million budget. Dark Phoenix could be the first X-Men film to fail to hit the $100million dollar mark, not the kind of send-off Fox wanted for its superhero franchise. The film does have a worldwide take of $204.2million but has to be viewed as another blockbuster season disappointment alongside ‘Hellboy‘ and ‘Dumbo‘.

Review | X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Elton John biopic, ‘Rocketman‘ held firm in the fifth place on the chart with a further $8.8million added to its coffers. The Taron Egerton starring musical drama now sits on a domestic take of $66.1million and $133.1million worldwide on a $40million budget.

Opening in the lowly sixth position, the new go around for ‘Shaft‘ took $8.3million. Starring Samuel L Jackson, Jessie T Usher and original John Shaft, Richard Rowntree, the film cost a reported $30million. The 2000 remake/reboot opened with $21.7million on its way to $70.3million at the domestic box office and a take of $107million worldwide so this new version is a major disappointment. Adding to the film’s woes is the fact that it will premiere on Netflix in the rest of the world in two weeks time, denying cinema chains the chance to show the film where it belongs and robbing the film company of box office revenue, revenue the film could do with. Critics didn’t dig the new film too, only granting it a 35% average.

Netflix Vs. Cinema | The World Gets Shafted!

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters‘ stomped its feet but couldn’t prevent itself from sliding down to seventh place on the chart, taking a further $8.1million to bring its totals up to $93.6million domestic and $339.4million worldwide against its $170million budget after three weeks of release. The film has done enough business to justify the upcoming sequel, ‘Godzilla VS Kong‘ but Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. really need to hype the film up at least six months before its release to build up the excitement levels for it or they could find themselves faced with a similar situation when the film opens next year.

Review | Godzilla: King of the Monsters

In the eighth position, ‘John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum‘ continued to slay audiences and make a killing five weeks after release, shooting its way to a further $6.1million in revenue, bringing its totals up to a series high of $148.6million domestic and $276.1million worldwide on its $75million reported cost and giving actor Keanu Reeves a new lease of box office life.

After opening in limited release last weekend, the R Rated talk show comedy ‘Late Night‘ entered the top ten in the ninth position with $5.1million after expanding to more cinemas. The Emma Thompson/ Mindy Kaling starring film now sits on $5.4million domestically against its budget of $4million. The film has started to open around the globe but figures have yet to become available at time of writing so the film looks like it’s going to be another success for low budget filmmaking against the massive Hollywood blockbuster machine.

Late Night - Still 1

Closing out this weeks top ten and tucking us (un)safely into bed is ‘Ma‘. The $5million budgeted, Octavia Spencer starring horror movie slashed and scared its way to a further $3.6million, bringing its domestic total to $40.3milliom and its worldwide score of $51.7million. Another hit for low budget horror and cinema.

Leaving us this weekend, ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu‘ investigated the chart outside the top ten, Olivia Wilde’s ‘Booksmart‘ returned itself and, after two months, packed movie theatres and $830million domestic and $2.74billion worldwide, earning it second position on the all-time box office and U.S domestic charts, ‘Avengers: Endgame‘ is winding down its battles and has slipped from the top ten on its way to its home release in around six weeks time.

Box Office | Pets Take Bite Out Of X-Men

Despite only opening on 613 screens, the acclaimed zombie horror/comedy ‘The Dead Don’t Die‘ earned itself $2.3million. The Bill Murray starring, Jim Jarmusch directed film should pick up more of the box office cash when it opens wider in the coming weeks.

Next weekends box office should ignite again with the release of the already critically acclaimed and apparently final (Hang on, didn’t they say that last time?) film in the Disney/Pixar series, Toy Story 4‘. The Toy Story films always open big and I honestly can’t see this one not doing exactly the same.  The film looks like it could be another enjoyable, emotional rollercoaster family movie and should walk into the top position with ease.


Up against the computer animated toys is another toy movie but it certainly won’t be confused with the family-friendly Pixar movie as Chucky makes his reappearance, this time with the voice of Mark Hamill as the remake of ‘Child’s Play‘ opens. My initial thoughts on the remake were extremely negative, as I think the film didn’t need a remake/reboot but after viewing the trailers, T.V spots and behind the scenes featurettes and of course, as Mark Hamill is involved, I’m going to give the film a chance. Also opening is the new film from acclaimed French director, Luc Besson as he introduces and unveils a brand new female assassin to us in ‘Anna‘. After seeing the trailers, I’m planning to see the movie on opening weekend alongside Child’s Play as it looks like another action-packed thriller in the same vein as Besson’s other movie in the genre, the Scarlett Johansson starring ‘Lucy‘.


So, over to you. How much will Toy Story 4 make on opening weekend? Will Chucky slash his way to a decent box office return? Will Anna hit the rest of the chart where it hurts and grab a large chunk of box office change? Check back here again at The Future Of The Force and see if your hunch was correct. And don’t forget, you can leave your comments and your messages for us, we love hearing from you and enjoy interacting with our readership so go right ahead and drop us a line!

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