The UK To Get It's Own 'Disneyland'

Paramount Pictures has signed on the dotted line to create an exciting new theme park in the UK

Two years after pulling out of a deal to be involved, Paramount Pictures has signed on the dotted line and has joined alongside the BBC and others to throw their weight into the previously planned ‘London Resort’.

The UK To Get It's Own 'Disneyland'

The park was originally due to open this year but due to Paramount pulling out of a deal to supply and design rides based on its vast movie locker, the project has been on the back burner. Now, the building is scheduled to start in 2021 aiming for a 2024 opening.

Described as an answer to ‘Disneyland’, the park will feature rides based on ‘Mission: Impossible‘ and Star Trek to name but a few. In addition, the park will house a fully functional movie studio giving Hollywood another base in the U.K to go alongside Pinewood, Elstree and Shepperton Studios where they can film their blockbusters and smaller movie fare. The BBC have already signed on to provide rides based on Doctor Who‘, ‘Sherlock’ and their ‘Top Gear’ motoring show. Rides are also planned for ITV studios ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ and ‘Robozuna’ The British Film Institute is also involved with the new park.

The UK To Get It's Own 'Disneyland'

The park is planned to be open all year round, giving the UK public and guests from other visiting countries access to it and its attractions at all times, boosting the Great British tourist industry. The park is planned to be around 872 acres in size.

The parks name is misleading, however. Even though it is going to be called ‘The London Resort’, the park is actually not in London at all but is situated in Swanscombe in Kent. The park will be accessible via public transport from the English capital with train services going to almost the parks front door.

The UK To Get It's Own 'Disneyland'

I can honestly say I’m extremely excited for this park to reach its fruition. Not only will it provide another fantastic tourist attraction for our visitors, not only will it provide a boost for the UK economy but, and I admit this is selfish (Sue Me!) but the park will be five miles from my home, granting me the chance to visit it whenever I choose to. And I’m genuinely excited about what the park has to offer not only to myself or the residents of Kent and beyond but of what it could entail. And with rumours swirling that Disney may even become involved with the park as well, the future looks extremely rosy for ‘The Garden Of England’.

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