February 6, 2023
Top Gun Maverick Trailer

Tom Cruise stuns the crowds at SDCC to unveil the highly anticipated trailer for Top Gun: Maverick

‘I feel the need…the need for speed’

Those words, uttered in 1986s ‘Top Gun’ have gone down in history as has the film itself. It brought Tom Cruise worldwide success and can be argued that it was the film that really launched his career into the stratosphere in Hollywood. It was the perfect blend for a summer tent pole movie. Girls, guys, motorcycles, hot chart-topping songs and of course, fighter jets. Add to that a killer score from Harold Faltermeyer, the highlight of which was the theme for the film entitled quite simply ‘Top Gun Anthem’

At the opening day of San Diego Comic-Con, we have been treated to the first trailer for the long-gestating sequel, ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘. And it is superb. It brought back memories of sitting in a movie theatre in 1986, four rows from the screen marvelling at the dog fights and quite wonderfully shot scenes of aerobatic flying. The trailer starts quite simple. A tiny tease of the Top Gun anthem introduces to us a desert plain. Nothing to see here. A voiceover starts speaking to someone off-screen. The desert scene starts to show something coming. And it’s coming pretty fast. The voiceover starts reeling off someone’s accomplishments as the fast-moving object comes into focus as an F-15 fighter. We cut to an interior shot of someone’s hands at the controls as the voiceover continues its speech. Suddenly, the hands slam the controls of the plane, making the fighter jet perform a move it never thought it would be required to make. And we cut to black.

We re-open on an admiral sitting in his office, speaking to someone off-camera. The admiral is Ed Harris, as you can guess from his voice the instant the voiceover starts. He tells the off-screen person that he should have risen higher in rank by now, only to still be a captain, asking why that is. We fade to black again and we re-open…on the face of Tom Cruise, back again, 30 years later as Pete (Maverick) Mitchell, looking older and more world-weary. And then the excitement hits fever pitch.

The sheer thrill of the next shot cannot be understated. Those who have seen the original and hold it close to their hearts will understand why. The shot is of Maverick, inside a fighter cockpit once again, giving the same acknowledging salute he gave at the climax of the original film. And then we are following him as his plane screams off the deck of an Aircraft Carrier and marvel at seeing him face on, with his helmet securely on his head, flying over the ocean once again.

Top Gun: Maverick | The Trailer Flies In From SDCC

The film looks in part to be a passing of the torch. Cruise’s Maverick now appears to be an instructor at the legendary ‘Top Gun’ fighter school, teaching a new breed on exactly how it’s done and, by the end of the trailer, showing them HOW it should be done. There’s so much to enjoy here in the trailer. Those unfamiliar with the original film will marvel at the beauty of the shots seen in the trailer. They will be able to take to the new cast of young, happy and cool looking girls and guys. And will marvel at the beach and bar scenes.

But those of us, like myself, cannot help but smile a huge grin as an old friend returns. The grin on Maverick’s face. The famed leather jacket. The motorcycle, in a pristine condition being unveiled again. All are here as a nice nod of nostalgia to our youth, to our teenage years from long ago where we could nod our heads and agree and sympathise with Maverick. And we get a remake of that famous scene, the one that had us cheering back in the movie theatre in 1986, of Maverick driving his beloved motorcycle along the highway as a jet fighter takes off alongside him. Goosebumps and shivers down the spine time.

Top Gun: Maverick | The Trailer Flies In From SDCC

The film opens next year and I’ve already decided that come what may, I’m going to see the film, on opening weekend in the biggest IMAX screen I can book myself in to. Some films are not suited to the format. By the looks of the first trailer, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ promises to be one film that demands and deserves it.


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