Halloween | Michael Myers WILL return for two final Movies

The nightmare is far from over. The curse of Michael Myers will continue through 2021

Thank you, Movie Gods, Wherever you are!

After last years reboot/ Sequel/ Timeline altering ‘Halloween‘ movie hit it big at the box office and gave us, the audience a proper/ alternate ‘Halloween II‘, rumours have been rife that the film would, inevitably, get a further sequel. Many stories have done the rounds, none of which were commented on or came to fruition. Even last week, rumours flew about claiming that there wouldn’t be one Halloween sequel but TWO, to be shot back to back. A ridiculous claim went out across the wires that both films would be released simultaneously or at least with two weeks of each other. What complete and utter garbage. Only, it wasn’t complete garbage.

It has been revealed that there will indeed be two further instalments in the Michael Myers story. But they will be released a year apart, not two weeks. The films will be shot back to back as reported. And Jamie Lee Curtis WILL be playing her iconic role of Laurie Strode again in the two final films depicting the Myers/Strode conflict that started way back in 1978.

Halloween | Michael Myers WILL return for two final Movies

Coming our way first in 2020 will be ‘Halloween Kills‘, a follow on from the events of ‘Halloween 2018‘. This will be followed in 2021 by ‘Halloween Ends‘ although that last title is only a summation at this time as it has not been confirmed to be the films final title whereas Halloween Kills IS confirmed to be the title of the next film.

Joining Curtis in returning to their roles are Judy Greer as Laurie’s daughter, Karen Strode and Andi Matichak as Karen’s daughter, Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson. Also returning will be co-creator/ Musician and producer, John Carpenter to finish off his most known creation.

Halloween | Michael Myers WILL return for two final Movies

Danny Gordon Green has been confirmed as the director again for the two new films, following up on his success with last years instalment and again will cowrite the screenplays with Danny McBride after their winning script for the previous film. In addition, writer Scott Teems will contribute to the screenplay for Halloween Kills while writers Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier will contribute to the screenplay for Halloween Ends. Also returning to produce the two films will be Malek Akkad, Bill Block and Jason Blum who, through his Blumhouse Productions, will produce the film for Universal Pictures to distribute.

Sadly, there is no word yet on whether James Jude Courtney will be returning to play Myers again, however original Myers actor Nick Castle has made it known that he would be willing to again put in a cameo performance as the maniacal serial killer.


As a massive Halloween fan, this is some of the best news I’ve heard from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Not only do we Halloween fans get two new movies to chew over but, from the sounds of it, we are getting the finale to Myers and Laurie Strode’s story that has frightened and thrilled us over the past 41 years. Even though Myers was killed off in 1981s original sequel, ‘Halloween II‘ and Strode herself finally being killed by Myers in ‘Halloween: Resurrection‘, both films have now been wiped from the timeline, allowing the two characters to (almost certainly) finally finish their crusade against each other in 2021.

Now, I know it may be wrong of me to ask this but, if Mr Green, Mr Carpenter or any of the producers happen to read this article, could we please have a role for Danielle Harris, Kyle Richards and Brian Andrews in the new films? Or a cameo from Charles Cyphers? Or even a brief voice cameo (a la P.J Soles in the last film) from Nancy Kyes? That would make the films totally and truely memorable to we, the fans as last years film was to us upon its release. And, if these two new films are the climax to the franchise, it would bring the house down in style.

The nightmare is far from over. The curse of Michael Myers will continue through 2021

Until 2020, all these requests and any tidbits of information will be devoured by the horror movie fans around the world, gaining the film an impressive head of steam as it hurtles towards the multiplexes to once again scare us all. So until the first of the new films open, may I remind you all that it’s Halloween. And everyone is entitled to one good scare.


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