February 7, 2023
Rambo: Last Blood | New Official Poster

The new poster for Rambo: Last Blood reveals Stallone stalking from the shadows

Sylvester Stallone today had the honour of unveiling via his official Instagram page a brand new official poster for the upcoming and supposed final Rambo film subtitled Last Blood.

Here it is in its glory:

Rambo: Last Blood | New Official Poster

It brings back memories of the previous three instalments where Rambo used his trusty Bow and Arrow to gloriously gory and violent effect. The poster doesn’t give away any more about the film but leaves us with a feeling of foreboding about what’s to come. Added to the film standee seen in a movie theatre earlier this week, the marketing for the film has started to ramp up ahead of its scheduled release, giving the fans a tingle of anticipation of what the title character will be bringing our way.

Rambo: Last Blood opens worldwide on September 20th.


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