January 28, 2023
Box Office | Hobbs & Shaw Race To The Top Spot

The Fast & Furious spin-off races to the box office top spot!

Hi everyone. Apologies for last weeks failure to produce the top ten report. I do have a valid excuse though. Team Future Of The Force attended all three days of London Film & Comic-Con and while it was an extraordinary event and we all enjoyed it, I must confess that I felt the aftermath of it for four days after it finished! Thankfully, I have managed to get over the fatigue now.

FOTF at LFCC Artwork

But I digress. This is not why you are reading this article. You want the top ten chart rundown for the past weekend. And who am I to deny you? So, let’s get started!

Speeding in as fast as it can, the first spin-off from the ‘Fast and Furious‘ franchise featuring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham managed to park itself snuggly into the top position as ‘Hobbs And Shaw‘ opened with a perfectly decent $60.8million. The film managed to grab the sixth biggest opening of the franchise, way behind the current leader, Furious 7 which took $147million on its opening weekend back in 2015.  Across the world, the film took a further $120million, bringing the films total gross so far to $180million against its budget of $200million. However, the film, co-starring Vanessa Kirby, Idris Elba and Helen Mirren is yet to open in China which is traditionally one of the franchises biggest supporters so the film has a chance of racing away with a nice chunk of box office change.

Johnson And Statham Go to War in the Final Hobbs & Shaw Trailer

Critics were not too unkind to the film, gaining it a 67% average rating. Audiences have given it on average a 91% average. Having seen the film, my opinion is both critical and audience ratings are too high. My fears were completely founded as the film, to me, was a thinly plotted, not very good buddy comedy. I would put the average at around the 25%-30% mark. The film does contain some scenes of genuine laugh out loud moments, some great action and fight sequences but generally, the film is just a Fast And Furious/ Transformers/ Terminator mishmash and even the banter between Johnson and Statham becomes tiresome after a while. And the stingers tacked on during and after the end credits are completely forced and are completely unfunny.

Disney’s ‘The Lion King‘ roared again as it slipped down to the second position. The film managed to claw a further $38.2million, bringing its running total to $430.8million domestically and $1.19billion worldwide. Even though critics and some audiences have expressed their disappointment with the latest incarnation of the story, the film is still raking in the money and propelling Disney to even further world domination in this years box office champion charts.

Box Office | Hobbs & Shaw Race To The Top Spot

The ninth film by acclaimed writer/director Quentin Tarantino,’Once Upon A Time In Hollywood‘ may have dropped 51% of its audience this past weekend but still managed to bag $20million in box office receipts, bringing its total to $78.8million against its $90million budget. The film though hasn’t opened around the world as of yet and with the U.K market, usually a very strong supporter of the director’s projects, awaiting the film’s August 23rd launch, the film will soon make back its budget and enter the black.

Box Office | Hobbs & Shaw Race To The Top Spot

His webbed fingers may be slipping a little bit but ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home‘ is still sticking around in the fourth position. Webbing himself a further $7.7million this weekend, the film is hanging onto a $1.07 billion worldwide total and a domestic score of $360.3million against a $160million budget.


Toy Story 4‘ shows little sign of being put away or back on the shelf as it helped itself to another $7.1million this past weekend, playing its way to $410million domestically and $959million worldwide and ending in the fifth position. The film still has a chance to match or better the previous instalments figures as ‘Toy Story 3’ ended with a domestic total of $415million and $1.06billion worldwide.

Toy Story 4 | Disney Pixar’s Continuation Avoids the Sequel Curse

Danny Boyles Beatles inspired comedy, ‘Yesterday‘ is still flying high like Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds as it grabbed another $2.4million in the sixth position. The film has managed to sing its way to $67.9million at the U.S box office and $118.9million worldwide against its costs of $26million.

The Farewell‘ expanded its run to 409 screens and made its way up the chart to end the weekend in the seventh place. Earning another $2.4million, the Awkwafina starring comedy/drama has managed to get itself a nice little $6.8million total against its modest $3million budget. Not too bad for a film that’s opened really small but has gathered momentum as the weeks have gone by. It too has yet to open worldwide so the films excellent word of mouth should propel it to better box office returns shortly.

Trailer | Terror is Real in the Trailer for Hoax

Those pesky Alligators still haven’t swum away as ‘Crawl‘ sank its teeth into the chart again and bit off a nice little $2.1million weekend, gaining it the eighth position and a nice $36million domestic chunk of change and a worldwide total of $53.6million against a $13.5million outlay. The film is starting to open in foreign markets but it still has to open in the U.K where buzz and anticipation to see the film is high so the signs are the film could get a significant boost over the coming month or so.

You can’t keep a good genie down as ‘Aladdin‘ once again worked its magic and ended the weekend in ninth place with a $2million take. The Will Smith headliner now sits on its magic carpet with $350.3million domestic and $1.02billion worldwide. Another Disney film that has passed the $1billion mark at the box office this summer season.

Box Office | Spider-Man Swings Into Top Spot

Dropping down for a tenth-placed finish, ‘Annabelle Comes Home‘ looks like its finally going home as the possessed doll took slightly under $1million. The film now has a haul of $71.5million domestic and $211.7million worldwide.

Leaving us this weekend, the Dave Bautista action-comedy, ‘Stuber‘ ran out of fuel, stalled and then was towed away from the top ten.

Next weekend sees the release of four new movies all asking for your hard-earned cash. For starters, we have dog-drama ‘The Art Of Racing In The Rain‘ with the voice of Kevin Costner as a canine describing how he sees the world he inhabits with his human owners. We have the R rated crime thriller, ‘The Kitchen‘ to contend with. And then we come to the weeks big two releases, the two films I expect to trouble the current top ten when they are unleashed. First, we have the live-action version of the kids’ TV Show,’ Dora the Explorer‘ as ‘Dora And The Lost City Of Gold‘ is released. Having seen the trailer, the film looks like an entertaining if not exactly brain taxing romp in the style of the ‘Indiana Jones‘ movies but with kids at the heart of it. I expect young fans and children to lap it up while not breaking the mould in any way.

Box Office | Hobbs & Shaw Race To The Top Spot

We also have the new film from acclaimed Oscar-Winning director Guillermo Del Toro, here on producing duties as the eagerly awaited ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark‘ finally reveals itself to its audience. Having watched the trailer, I believe the film will be a scary and terrifying thrill ride but all within the context of its PG-13 rating in the U.S.

The U.K B.B.F.C though has seen something in the film though that it doesn’t consider appropriate for under 15 aged viewers as they have given the film an adult-only rating of ’15’, denying the film the audience it is catered for. Those of us that can see it can all relax as the usual and breathtaking visual style of Del Toro looks to be present, giving the film a fantastic look and style.


So, over to you again. What will be the number one film next weekend? Will Hobbs and Shaw continue their battle and remain at the top? Will Dora the Explorer swing in on a vine and grab the box office gold? Or will Del Toro scare up another box office win and take the crown?

All will be revealed next week so, until next time, Happy Movie Going!


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