September 22, 2023
Rambo: Last Blood | New Poster and New Trailer Date Revealed

Stallone reveals a nostalgic new Rambo poster ahead of the new trailer

You’ve got to hand it to Sylvester Stallone. He’s taken to Instagram like a duck to water. Every update on the upcoming ‘Rambo: Last Blood‘, the actor has posted on the social site. And he hasn’t shied away from releasing stills, information and the like when he gets the chance. And yet again, he has come up trumps with a new poster that recalls the characters very first film all the way back in 1982 and a shot of him now in 2019. Both look extremely badass and gives us yet another look at the character as he will appear on September 20th this year.

Rambo: Last Blood Homage Poster

Seriously, that new knife Rambo is wielding is enough to give anyone nightmares. Considering the character wielded an effective but simple combat knife in the original ‘First Blood‘ through to the mean-looking (and razor-sharp) knife/machete hybrid he used in the last film, ‘Rambo‘, this knife, nicknamed ‘The Heartstopper’ looks considerably nasty and in the hands of the Vietnam veterans skilled hands, obviously extremely fatal.

Stallone also promises us a new and possibly final trailer for the new film to debut on August 20th. I myself, being a self-confessed Rambo franchise fan, cannot wait to see what Stallone will reveal next to us. Of course, I don’t take the films seriously (apart from the original) but I see them as great entertainment. Bloodthirsty, gory, violent and in some respects, complete fantasy but they are an enjoyable way to lose yourself for a few hours. I cannot wait to line up outside a screen come September 20th and watch what Stallone unleashes on the audience next.

On a related story, it has now, finally, been confirmed that composer Brian Tyler is returning to score the new movie. This to me is completely fantastic news. Tyler’s score for ‘Rambo‘, while breaking new ground with his original score compositions, used Jerry Goldsmith’s legendary cues and scores to a fantastic effect. Tyler did manage to work alongside the late, great Goldsmith before his sad, untimely death and has used what he learned from the master to not only pay homage to him but to expand his classic score for the new movies. And that’s what’s fantastic about this news. Not only does it guarantee a musical continuation but without Goldsmith’s haunting and heart-pounding cues, the film wouldn’t feel the same.

Rambo: Last Blood wages war on the box office around the world on September 20th 2019


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