Halloween Kills To Get A Tie-In Novelization

Sheriff Brackett returns to hunt Michael Myers once again in the highly anticipated sequel to Halloween

Absolutely fantastic news has come out of the halls of Tinseltown. If like me, you are a ‘Halloween‘ movie franchise fan (and Michael Myers nut like myself) and adore the original 1978 movie then this news will make you smile nice and wide.

Halloween | Michael Myers WILL return for two final Movies

It has been announced that actor Charles Cyphers will be making his long-hoped-for return to the world of Michael Myers and Haddonfield as his character, Sheriff Leigh Brackett in at least one of the upcoming Halloween sequels currently in production at Blumhouse and Universal Pictures. The announcement was made by Halloween III lead actor, Tom Atkins who stated:

“Chuck (Cyphers) is going to be in this next one. He was in a bunch of those early ones, the original and a bunch thereafter. So he’s going to be in it”

In actuality, Cyphers played the character in the original movie and was only allowed a slightly extended cameo in the sequel, ‘Halloween II‘ back in 1981. His part in the second movie was really only to follow on his role from the original film into the start of the sequel and to close the eyes of his murdered daughter, Annie (Nancy Loomis/ Kyes) before disappearing from the film altogether.

This news goes to show that the producers of these new Halloween movies are taking the series and what’s gone on before them seriously. They are bringing the history of the franchise right up to date and continuing on with John Carpenter‘s legacy. And all credit to them.

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Tom Atkins himself is angling for a role in the new films after his turn in ‘Halloween III: Season Of The Witch‘. That third film is a completely separate entity from the Myers films so his character, Doctor Dan Challis, has in reality, no connection to the original storyline but I must confess that it would be fantastic if he could be brought into the new movies as his character and tie the original and, let’s be honest, apart from last years entry, superior first three films into this new franchise. It would bring things almost full circle even though in this new timeline, ‘Halloween II‘ no longer exists.

Halloween Kills Adds An Original Star

The new film, ‘Halloween Kills‘ goes before the cameras in a little under three weeks in preparation of its October 2020 release so it’s time to start building up again as ‘The Boogieman’ is on his way home once again. And with Leigh Brackett added to the mix this time around, Myers could be in for the fight of his life. All I can say is bring it on.

And welcome back to the legendary Charles Cyphers. Boy, have we, the fans missed you.

Until next time.

“You let HIM out!”


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