Scoring Halloween | John Carpenter Confirms He's Back

The master returns to maintain the soul of the Halloween series

If the news coming out about the new Halloween films are not exciting enough, the master of all things Michael Myers has confirmed that not only will he be returning to executive produce the two new films but he will be on scoring duties too.

Scoring Halloween | John Carpenter Confirms He's Back

Director and Writer John Carpenter is returning to his keyboard and composing the score for ‘Halloween Kills‘ and ‘Halloween Ends‘. This fantastic news brings the new movies in line with the original 1978 film alongside the 2018 film. Carpenter scored last years entry alongside his son, Cody and Daniel Davies. There is no word as of yet if Cody and Davies are also returning but we can only hope. Carpenter is quoted as saying he “Had a lot of fun” working on Halloween 2018 and when asked about the upcoming movies and his role in them he stated he is on board to:

“Do the score, do a new score. That’s always fun”

Scoring Halloween | John Carpenter Confirms He's Back

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This news makes me completely ecstatic. Carpenters score for the original film way back in 1978 is one of my personal favourites and is a pure classic. Every note describes what is happening during the film and accompanies it seamlessly. And it makes the film that much more scary and that is the mark of a quality motion picture. His score for ‘Halloween II‘, alongside Alan Howarth couldn’t quite match the original composition but fitted the film pretty well nonetheless. Carpenter also scored ‘Halloween III: Season Of The Witch‘, bringing the audience a wholely new and different score that is one of his all-time best. Alongside his scores for ‘The Fog‘ and ‘Escape From New York‘, Carpenter has proved he is not only a fantastic writer and director but also a wonderfully talented composer. Adding in his collaboration on ‘Halloween 2018‘ and you have a set of scores that will send shivers down the spine and could quite easily scare you just by listening to them.

Halloween Kills’ along with John Carpenters new score opens October 16th 2020.


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