Terminator: Dark Fate | New Posters Serve Up A Surprise

Judgment Day was only the beginning. Carl explores the new posters for Terminator: Dark Fate

Hot on the heels of today’s trailers for the new Terminator film, ‘Dark Fate‘ comes two new posters for the hotly anticipated film.

Check them out below in all their glory:

Terminator: Dark Fate | New Posters Serve Up A SurpriseHe's Back! | Terminator: Dark Fate Gives Us TWO New Trailers!

What’s surprising about the posters is the cast listing. To many people, Arnold Schwarzenegger IS the whole package, the one constant that every film has to be built around. He IS the Terminator franchise personified. However, look at the cast listing and it’s not him but Linda Hamilton who has top billing. Does this mean to say that Arnie is only playing a supporting role this time, giving more screen time to and allowing the film to rest on the shoulders of Linda Hamilton? After his limited screen time in the trailers so far, I can see this actually happening. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? We won’t find out for two months yet.

To be honest, The Terminator films, although having Schwarzenegger as the star and big name to carry the franchise, isn’t really about the cyborg character. It’s more to do with the human relationships and humans fight to carry on and survive. This new film may have decided to go in that direction more than have Schwarzenegger front and centre this time around. And judging by the trailers so far, it certainly looks like Hamilton can carry the film with a certain amount of ease.

Schwarzenegger and Hamilton will be back in movie theatres worldwide on November 1st 2019.


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3 thoughts on “Terminator: Dark Fate | New Posters Serve Up A Surprise

    1. Judging by the trailers, she does indeed deserve top billing. I’m most certainly not going to argue with it. It’s just that everyone expected Schwarzenegger to be top billed again. That’s why I was surprised. Still, I’m happy for Linda Hamilton to be the lead!

  1. I was wondering yesterday why Arnold never got an upgrade and became the face of the T-1000? Wouldn’t he be more menacing as the alloy metal Arnold? Instead, it seems we’re getting an old Arnold living in a shack somewhere in the wild? Terminators aging? Hmm, I get it that Arnold in real life is older as well as Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, but maybe that’s the curious part of how this is all going to work in Dark Fate? I am looking forward to this movie more than any of the other sequels since T2, but soooo skeptical thanks to the repeated false starts of the other sequels after T2. I’m encouraged by the pre-buzz for Dark Fate, including of course the poster mentioned here.

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