Official Film Chart | The Top Ten UK

What’s hot and what’s not in the official UK Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download Charts

Hello again everyone and welcome to this week’s official top ten film chart for DVD, Blu-Ray and digital downloads. There are a few surprises re-entering the chart this week so let us get cracking!

Holding the top spot unsurprisingly is once again ‘Avengers: Endgame‘. After breaking the record for the most downloaded film ever last week, the film hit DVD and Blu-Ray like a whirling dervish this past Monday. Almost everywhere you go, the film has been flying off the shelves in droves with some stores offering something free to go alongside the release. The film will most likely hold the top spot again next week as people take home the biggest film of all time for their personal collections or for Christmas gift ideas.

Official Film Chart | The Top Ten UK

Holding onto the second position is ‘Hellboy‘. David Harbour’s take on the material still has good selling power as its strong position demonstrates. The remake was universally panned on its cinematic release and was largely ignored by the movie-going public but its success on the home format has gone a little way in restoring the property.

The Official Film Chart | The UK Top Ten (4th September 2019)

DC’s ‘Shazam‘ has managed to work out the kinks in his powers and cling on to the third position in the chart. Zachary Levi’s winning turn as the title character has again empowered the film to become a success after its winning box office run earlier this year. Although not in the same record-breaking form as Marvels creations, the film turned a great profit for Warner Bros. and has led to a sequel being announced. Alongside ‘Aquaman‘ and ‘Wonder Woman‘, the DC single character movies are having a greater box office impact than the ‘Batman vs Superman‘ and ‘Justice League‘ movies had on their bows at the box office.

Flying up two places to the fourth position comes another of Marvels box office home runs this year in ‘Captain Marvel‘. Brie Larson’s turn as the title character led the film to become another MCU entry to take over $1billion at the worldwide box office. Ably assisted by the legendary Samuel L Jackson, the film has certainly been taken to the world’s heart as its continued success demonstrates.

Captain Marvel Soars At The Box Office

Falling a place to land at number five comes the Disney live-action remake of ‘Dumbo‘. The film still has a lot of pulling power as it remains flying high in the chart despite it being a disappointment to Disney upon cinematic release at the box office. It did make a profit and did take good numbers but not in the way Disney hoped for. It was looking at the film doing $1billion plus but the film didn’t get anywhere near it. Critical and audience responses to the film didn’t help its cause in the long run.

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Jumping up eighteen places from number 24 to the sixth position on the chart comes ‘IT‘. The 2017 remake was always bound to make its reappearance in the chart as the sequel ‘IT: Chapter Two‘ hits cinemas around the world this weekend, giving the murderous Pennywise the dancing clown the chance to take over at the top of the worldwide cinematic box office. It remains to be seen if the film will still be on the chart next week after the new film opens.

Box Office | Angel Hasn't Fallen As It Holds the Top Spot

Re-entering the chart at number seven is the Clint Eastwood directed ‘The Mule‘. Eastwood also stars in the thriller as an elderly drug mule. The film is based on a true story surprisingly and did good but not great box office on its release. However, this is Clint Eastwood we are talking about here and he rarely makes a bad movie and ‘The Mule’ is no exception.

Jumping up twelve places and magicking itself into the eighth position is sequel ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald‘. Once again starring Eddie Redmayne, the film also boasts the acting talents of Jude Law as Dumbledore and Johnny Depp as the aforementioned Grindelwald. The film wasn’t as highly reviewed as the first film and didn’t take as much money. However, that isn’t stopping Warner Bros. from pushing forward with a third chapter in the series.

The Official Film Chart | The UK Top Ten (4th September 2019)

Singing its way back up by two places and re-entering the chart at number nine comes the Oscar-Winning biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘.  After taking $903.7million at the box office around the globe, the film is still entertaining the masses on home entertainment. Buoyed by an completely incredible Oscar-winning turn by Rami Malek, the biopic of legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury is still playing in cinemas around the world in a sing-a-long format and is still raking in box office cash.

Entering the chart at number ten comes ‘Escape Plan 3‘. Once again, this Sylvester Stallone and Dave Bautista sequel has gone straight to home entertainment alongside ‘Escape Plan 2‘. This time around, the events of the film hark back to the protagonist of the original film in an attempt to tie the series together. After ‘Escape Plan 2‘ was marketed as ‘starring’ Sylvester Stallone again, many people were annoyed when they discovered that Stallone only had a cameo role in the film. This time around, it sounds like it’s the same again but this hasn’t put off the consumer from buying the film and making it another success for the franchise.

The Official Film Chart | The UK Top Ten (4th September 2019)

Hitting digital download ahead of its home entertainment disc launch, the third instalment in the ‘John Wick‘ franchise, ‘John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum‘ is available from September 7th. Once again, Keanu Reeves plays the formally retired hitman, once again dragged into action after the events of the previous film lead him to run for his life. With support from Ian McShane, Lance Reddick and Halle Berry, the film was a box office success earlier this year and looks like it will be a success once again when it hits the home format.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum Blu-Ray Release Date Announced

After ‘Avengers: Endgame ‘ broke the record for the fastest-selling digital download of all time, the top ten charts for this has altered in a big way. Here we present the top ten fastest-selling movie downloads of all time:

  1. Avengers: Endgame
  2. Avengers: Infinity War
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody
  4. The Greatest Showman
  5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  6. Deadpool 2
  7. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
  8. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2
  9. Beauty And The Beast (2017)
  10. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Once again. Marvel Studios displays its dominance with four entries in the chart and Disney holds five places, exactly half the chart, 20th Century Fox has three places while Universal and Warner Bros. have to settle for a place each. Its been quite a while since anyone threatened Disney’s place as the number one studio. It seems before long and taking into account Disney’s recent purchase of 20th Century Fox, that Disney could be the ONLY studio in Hollywood.

Will John Wick repeat his feat from earlier in the year by toppling The Avengers from the number one spot at the worldwide box office and take the top spot from them again in the home entertainment stakes? Check back next week and see how it all plays out!

Until next week.


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Official Film Chart | The Top Ten UK

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