Terminator: Dark Fate Character Posters Emerge Online

Sarah Connor leads the charge as the women of the Terminator sequel come to fore on the all-new character posters

The countdown to the return of everyone’s favourite T-100 to the cinema screen is well and truly on. And to help with the buildup to the reunion of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and writer/ producer/ creator James Cameron, new character posters for all the main protagonists have made their way online.

Let us take a look:

Terminator: Dark Fate Character Posters Emerge OnlineTerminator: Dark Fate Character Posters Emerge OnlinetdfdgpTerminator: Dark Fate Character Posters Emerge Online

With the exception of the side view of the new Terminator’s endoskeleton (Which for some reason, didn’t make me feel the level of excitement I expected), the posters give us all a look at what’s coming to our screens shortly.  Produced by James Cameron and directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool), Terminator: Dark Fate opens on November 1st.

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