September 28, 2022
Weekend Box Office | No Laughing Matter As Joker Opens Huge!

As expected, Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime raises the laughing stocks at the worldwide box office

Although it’s no joke, Warner Bros and DC are laughing all the way to the bank as ‘Joker‘ opened at the top of the box office chart this weekend with a massive $93.5million. The adults-only rated comic book movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix managed to clown its way past the previous October opening record holder, ‘Venom‘ which had an opening gambit of $80.2million back last year. The film came oh so close to topping ‘Justice League‘ with its November 2017 opening of $93.8million as the best opening for a DC film. Not bad for a film that cost between $60-70million to make.

Movie Review | Joker

Directed by Todd Phillips and co-starring Robert De Niro and Zazie Beetz, the film was needlessly targeted by several groups after the tragic shooting incident at a screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ a few years back. Although Police did sadly have to cancel a screening of the film due to a ‘credible threat’, it didn’t deter too many moviegoers. The film also took $140.5million around the world to end the weekend on $234million. Critical views of the film managed to gain the film an underwhelming 69% average, a score that is at least 30% too low in my opinion. You can read our review here:

Review | Joker

Slipping on ice and falling to the second position after a 42% drop in takings came ‘Abominable‘. The Dreamworks animated feature currently sits on $37.8million after a ten-day run so far and $76.3million worldwide against a budget of $75million. Its $12million weekend managed to help the film keep its place in the top three movies.

Weekend Box Office | No Laughing Matter As Joker Opens Huge!

Regally holding in there as it took third place came ‘Downton Abbey‘. After three weekends and a take of $8million this week, the film now has the royal sum of $73.6million domestic and $135.4million worldwide against its budget of $20million. The film’s success has guaranteed this won’t be the last we see of the period drama.

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Someone must have greased the pole a bit as ‘Hustlers‘ slid down to a fourth-place finish. The Jennifer Lopez starring comedy/drama managed to hustle its way to a further $6.3million, dragging its total so far up to $91.3million at the American box office and $110million around the globe.

The Joker wasn’t the only clown in this weekends top ten movies as ‘IT Chapter Two‘ hung around in fifth place. Pennywise managed to scare up another $5.3million in cold hard cash, pushing it over the $200million mark at the domestic box office and $436.7million at the worlds ticket counters.

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The boosters on Brad Pitt’s ‘Ad Astra‘ are failing as the film spun down to a sixth-place stop this week. The Science Fiction drama, directed by James Gray now has a total of $43.6million domestically and $111.3million worldwide against an $80million cost.

The Best Movies Still To Come in 2019 | Our Top Picks

Still singing and dancing as it held firm in the seventh position came ‘Judy‘, the biopic of legendary Hollywood star Judy Garland. The film added another 1000 screen this weekend as it took $4.4million and tap dancing away with a domestic total of $8.9million. The film, with an incredible turn from Renee Zellweger as the singer/actress, is due to open around the world this coming weekend and as such, will see its numbers boosted.

Rambo: Last Blood‘ is still managing to get the audience into theatres as it ended the weekend in eighth place. The $50million budgeted fifth go around for the Vietnam veteran now has a domestic total of $39.8million and worldwide, has managed to battle its way to a total of $64.3million.

Review | Rambo: Last Blood

Opening surprisingly in ninth place and only playing on 305 screens, Bollywood action thriller ‘War‘ managed to take $1.5million for the weekend and $2million ever since it opened last Wednesday.

Finishing off the top ten this weekend, ‘Good Boys‘ are now eying the exit door as they pranked their way to just under $1million this past weekend. They can’t be too saddened though as the $20million budgeted film has managed to run away with a domestic total of $82million and $107.5million worldwide during its time in theatres.

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Leaving us this weekend after losing all its claws and teeth, we bid goodbye to ‘The Lion King‘ as he slips away into the jungle once again and Gerard Butler’s ‘Angel Has Fallen‘ ran out of ammunition as it went on the run outside the top ten.

Opening in limited release and pulling in a paltry $55,000 total across 37 screens after its disastrous reviews and 27% critical average, the Natalie Portman Science Fiction drama ‘Lucy In The Sky‘ looks like becoming one of 2018’s biggest turkeys. With box office like this, it is liable to be released on DTV around the rest of the world.

Weekend Box Office | No Laughing Matter As Joker Opens Huge!

Next weekend sees the limited release of Bong Joon-Ho’s critically acclaimed drama, ‘Parasite‘ alongside the wide releases of Adam Devine’s comedy ‘Jexi‘ where he falls in love with his Cellphone (I kid you not), the return of ‘The Addams Family‘ in an all-new animated movie (I’m in!) and Will Smith taking on himself as ‘Gemini Man‘ opens at the multiplexes around the globe. The film is probably the highest-profile release of the week out of all of them. It remains to be seen if the film can crack the top of the box office and return Smith to his position he held a few years ago as the biggest star at the worldwide box office counters.

So, will ‘Gemini Man‘ battle his inner demons and reach the top of the chart? Will ‘The Addams Family‘ click their fingers and look down at the rest of the chart from above? Or will the joke be on the rest of the contenders to the throne as ‘Joker‘ continues to laugh at them from the summit? Check back next week to find out the answer.

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Until then, whatever you do, whatever you decide, Happy moviegoing!

Post Script: The Joker Film has attracted unwelcome publicity in the U.K today due to the filmmakers’ use of the song ‘Rock And Roll (part 2) in a vital sequence later on in the film. The song was written and performed by Gary Glitter back In the 1970s and this version has been used. As some people will be aware, Gary Glitter is currently serving a prison sentence for paedophilia. The controversy arises from the fact that, even though the film is an adults-only affair and considering he is a convicted criminal, Glitter will profit from the use of the song, a fee for its use and royalties for every time it’s heard In the film, whether in theatres or on home entertainment. We at Future Of The Force make no comment or judgement on this issue.


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