September 26, 2022
Terminator: Dark Fate Delivers Epic R-Rated Trailer!

With just over a week until its release Terminator: Dark Fate opens the floodgates of awesomeness in the all-new red band trailer

When James Cameron promised fans that the Terminator franchise would return to its R-Rated roots under his watchful eye … he wasn’t lying! With the film fast approaching its release date, today saw the release of an R-rated trailer for the upcoming ‘Terminator: Dark Fate‘.

Let’s take a look:

Ok, now I’m feeling the excitement. The film looks and feels like a proper Terminator film finally. The visuals and the violence and gore show it to be in a similar vein as the original two movies in the saga. Throw in the banter between Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger and the film could yet be the third act we have all been hoping for since the franchises 1991 heyday.

Terminator: Dark Fate Delivers Epic R-Rated Trailer!

The film opens here in the U.K. next Wednesday and my ticket is already booked. Sadly for our American cousins and friends, they have to wait until November 1st to see the film. But make no bones about it, Sarah Conner and The Terminator ARE back!

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Source: Paramount Pictures


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