October 3, 2022

Maleficent casts her spell to capture the top spot of at the worldwide box office

Despite not managing to make half of the opening gambit her first movie made, Disney sequel ‘Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil‘ displaced ‘Joker‘ at the top of the box office this weekend with domestic takings of $36million. The Angelina Jolie starring movie had one of the lowest openings for a live-action Disney film since 2016s ‘Pete’s Dragon‘ and its $21.5million opening. Also starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Elle Fanning, Ed Skrein and Chiwetel Ejiofor, the film didn’t entrance the critics, only managing to gain a 41% average. The film did take $117million from international audiences, dragging its total up to $153million against a reported $185million budget.

Maleficent Casts her Evil Spell in the New Trailer for Mistress of Evil

After two weeks at the top of the chart, ‘Joker‘ took a bow and moved down to the second position with takings of $29.2million, boosting his earnings to a domestic total of $247.2million. The critically acclaimed violent comic-book movie with its career-best acting turn by Joaquin Phoenix now has a worldwide total of $737.5million against a budget of $55million. Audiences around the world have seen the film laugh its way to the bank.


Opening and shuffling its way into a third-place finish came ‘Zombieland: Double Tap‘ with takings of $26.7million at the domestic box office. With the international market chipping in and adding a further $ 75.5million, the film had a nice $102million start against its $42million budget. Once again starring Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin and Jesse Eisenberg, the film didn’t completely satisfy the critics’ bloodlust, only gaining a 68% critical average.


Falling to fourth place and managing to scare away 47% of audiences since its debut last weekend, ‘The Addams Family‘ still managed to frighten itself a further $16million in domestic dollars and dragging its creepy butt up to $56.8million against its $40million cost of production. The film has yet to open around the world yet so the film will get a massive boost when it opens internationally.

Despite boasting two Will Smiths for the price of one, audiences didn’t seem that interested in ‘Gemini Man‘ as it landed in the fifth place this weekend with takings of $8.5million. The film was predicted to be a runaway success before it opened but after losing 56% of its audience since last weekend, the film currently sits on a $36.5million domestic return and a worldwide total of $118.7million against its $138million budget.

Weekend Box Office | Joker Laughs On As Smith Stutters

Tumbling like a rolling snowball to land at the sixth place,’Abominable‘ saw its takings melt away but still managed to freeze $3.5million this weekend and build its way to a domestic take of $53.9million and $128.7million around the globe.

Downton Abbey‘ managed to keep its doors open for a while longer yet as it hung around the chart in the seventh position. The Yorkshire mansion managed to obtain a further $3million from American audiences, gaining it $88.6million domestic and $164.1million worldwide, its modest $20million budget completely justified.

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Renee Zellweger and ‘Judy‘ took the eighth-placed honours with $2million and singing its way to a total of $19million.

Jennifer Lopez and company have seen their pole greased once again as ‘Hustlers‘ slipped down to the ninth position. Another $2million has been taken from moviegoers pockets and added to its proceeds, granting the film a domestic running total of $101.8million and $125.4million around the world.

His balloons must be keeping him afloat as ‘IT Chapter Two‘ closed out the ten biggest money earners this weekend with another $1.5million scared out of its audience. After seven weeks of release, the film has made itself $209.6million domestically and $449million at the international box office. Who knows, he may still be hanging around the top ten for the next couple of weekends as Halloween draws ever nearer.

Review | IT: Chapter Two

Saying goodbye to the top ten this weekend, ‘Jexi‘ ran out of battery and shut itself off and Brad Pitt’s ‘Ad Astra’ lost all engine functions and drifted off into the cosmos.

This coming Wednesday in the UK, ‘Terminator: Dark Fate‘ opens. I shall be seeing the film on its opening weekend and my spoiler-free review will be posted soon after.

Terminator: Dark Fate Delivers Epic R-Rated Trailer!

At the American box office, however, Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be back until November 1st and as such, the films opening this weekend are the crime thriller ‘Black And Blue‘ starring Tyrese Gibson and Naomie Harris, The Benedict Cumberbatch/ Michael Shannon historical drama ‘The Current War‘ depicting the war of the currents between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse and just in time for Halloween comes horror movie ‘Countdown‘ depicting an app that once downloaded, will predict exactly how long a person has left to live and an exact time when they will die. After finding out she has three days left to live when she downloads the app, a young nurse must find a way to save her life before the timer hits zero.

So, will Maleficent continue to conjure up her reign as the box office queen? Will The Joker laugh loudest again and retake the top spot? Will Zombieland shuffle up the chart to take a human-sized bite on its way to number one? Or will Black and Blue or Countdown come out of the left field and take box offices honours? Check back here next week to find out.

Until then, wherever you go, whatever you decide, happy movie going!


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