Po-Zu | Beat the Kamino Washout With the NEW Star Wars Resistance Rain Boots

Follow in the steps of the Resistance with the new RESISTANCE Rain Boot from Po-Zu

The Star Wars universe just wouldn’t be the same without Po-Zu. Their amazing ethical range of vegan-friendly boots and sneakers have taken the world by storm in recent years and as a result, Po-Zu footwear can be found in millions of homes around the world. This is more than just a global phenomenon, this is a worldwide Star Wars footwear revolution.

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Following the success of their incredible Millennium Falcon, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, R2-D2, Rebellion and The Rise of Skywalker range, the incredible team at Po-Zu have set their sights on the winter season. Once again teaming with Lucasfilm/Disney, Po-Zu are ready to tackle the winter by unveiling a new range of ethical footwear designed to endure the harshest weather. The Kamino washout, the Mimban mudbath and even the damp of the Dagobah swamp have finally met their match!

So without further ado, meet the Star Wars: Resistance Rain Boots.

Po-Zu | Beat the Kamino Washout With the NEW Star Wars Resistance Rain Boots

The Resistance is the last hope for freedom in the galaxy, fighting against the evil of the Empire. With the introduction of the new Resistance Rain Boot from Po-Zu, you share in the defiance by taking on the most inclement of conditions in your galaxy.

Po-Zu has taken the iconic Rebel Alliance insignia, along with the classic Star Wars logo to create an instantly recognisable design to march through the toughest conditions whether you’re striding the sands of Tatooine, trudging through the mud of Mimban or stomping through the swamps of Dagobah.

A Rebel insignia badge, the symbol of hope and freedom throughout the galaxy, is proudly emblazoned on the side of the boots which are made with natural Fair-Trade rubber as certified by the Fair Rubber Association. 100% waterproof with a heavily cleated sole tread, the Rain Boots are made with an organic cotton lining, a natural latex Foot Mattress, and Fair-Trade rubber soles. The boots offer unparalleled comfort and follow the sustainability pillars on which Po-Zu is built.



The RESISTANCE Rain Boot comes in black and grey and will retail at £95.

Feel the force on your feet click the links below to order your pair ready for the winter washout:

Resistance Rain Boots – Women’s Black | Resistance Rain Boots – Women’s Grey

Resistance Rain Boots – Men’s Black | Resistance Rain Boots – Men’s Grey

Sven and the great team at Po-Zu have excelled with their incredible Star Wars range and have consistently defied our expectations to produce some of the finest footwear in fandom, and the gorgeously practical Rain Boots collection is no exception. So, whether you’re skimming across the waters of Takodana, patrolling the platforms of Kamino or trudging through the snowy peaks of Hoth, the all-new Star Wars Resistance Rain Boots are the perfect choice to accentuate your winter wardrobe.

Check out the full Po-Zu/StarWars range.


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