December 9, 2022
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Carl updates us on the latest news on The Snyder Cut, Venom 2, Joker, Ford Vs Ferrari and John Travolta’s Oscar plea…

Welcome once again to another quick update on what’s occurring in the world of Hollywood. Not a single day goes by when there isn’t any news dropping onto the wires across the world and this weekend has seen some nuggets emerge that has piqued our interest.  so without further delay…

We at The Future Of The Force, like many others around the globe, are in favour of seeing the ‘Snyder Cut’ of ‘Justice League‘. We have been denied this for too long. For the past couple of years, we didn’t even know if this cut even existed. Now, not only do we know it exists but we know Jason Momoa has actually seen it! Confirming its existence is one thing, getting it released to the masses is quite another. Thank you to Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher and Gal Gadot for stepping up to the plate this past weekend to add their voices to the call to get the original cut of the film released. Zack Snyder himself has thanked the stars of the film for adding their voices to the call. Adding his voice to the calls is David Ayer, the director of ‘Suicide Squad‘ and himself attempting to bring his version of that film to the masses. We all live in hope that one day soon, Warner Bros. will see the light and grant the world its wish to see the proper cut of ‘Justice League‘ once and for all.

001 Justice League Banner (Wallpaper)

The Clown Prince of Crime has done it! ‘Joker‘ has become the first R-Rated movie to cross into the promised land and enter the territory of making over $1billion at the box office. The acclaimed comic book drama with its Oscar Worthy turn from Joaquin Phoenix as the title character has completely destroyed all expectations of it and continues to play to packed theatres around the world. We send our most sincere congratulations to the cast and crew of the film for such a fantastic movie and for gaining the recognition and rewards it deserves.


Ford Vs Ferrari‘ (Or Le Mans ’66 around the world) has hit the top of the U.S box office with a weekend take of $31million. The James Mangold directed film, starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale in the true story of the battle between the two rival car companies also managed to race away with $21.4million around the world to give it a $52.4million boost off the starting grid compared with its estimated $100million budget.

Staying with the box office weekend and its sad to see director Elizabeth Banks’ ‘Charlie’s Angels‘ reboot underperform as it hit the chart at number three and took a measly $8.6million. November seems to be the month to avoid if you are releasing a big-budget film as not only has ‘Angels‘ underperformed but add in the box office flop of ‘Terminator: Dark Fate and Its clear that major studio releases should steer clear of the month of November.

Charlie's Angels

Venom 2‘ has finally gone before the cameras. The Tom Hardy led sequel to one of last years biggest hits is eagerly awaited by fans around the world as it has been confirmed that Woddy Harrelson WILL be playing ‘Carnage’ in the film as hinted by the mid-credits stinger at the end of the previous film. Finally, on the big screen, we get to witness a fight between Venom and his greatest adversary. Andy Serkis is handling directorial duties this time around but sadly for the fans, the film is once again shooting for a PG-13 rating. My opinion on this is, STOP with the toning down of this property. Films like ‘Joker’, ‘Logan‘ and the ‘Deadpool‘ series have successfully shown there is a mass-market out there for R-Rated comic book movies. So why don’t you allow the filmmakers to actually MAKE an R-Rated ‘Venom’ film?

It's Official | Andy Serkis Will Direct Venom 2

And finally, mark this in the ‘You Couldn’t Make It Up’ category. It seems that Hollywood legend John Travolta (I LOVE the guy) is actively seeking an Oscar Nomination for his performance in ‘The Fanatic‘. The film was a total dud even though Travolta gave a good performance as a stalker named ‘Moose’ (No, really) in the film. The movie has a 17% critical average in total. John, I love you man but NO. There’s not a hope in hell of you getting a nomination for garbage like this. I agree you were unfairly snubbed for ‘Pulp Fiction‘ and deserved the Best Actor Oscar but don’t try and get a nomination for this. Don’t degrade yourself by seeking one. PLEASE!

That brings me to the end of this quick news burst. Stories are breaking all the time so keep checking back here at The Future Of The Force for all the up to date news you could ever ask for.

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