Engage! STAR TREK 4 is Back On!

The future of the Final Frontier is resurrected as Star Trek 4 beams into action!

Word is leaking out from Tinseltown that director Noah Hawley is in final talks to resurrect Paramount’s planned fourth instalment in the rebooted ‘Star Trek‘ franchise. The film was originally on the slate to be made by female director S.J Clarkson a few years back until Paramount reneged on the contracts of actors Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth, causing the film to be cancelled completely. Now it seems the film is most certainly back on as its also being reported that Pine is in final negotiations to return as Captain James T Kirk once again.

Star Trek | Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth Pull Out of Star Trek: Beyond Sequel

The film was originally written to have Kirk meet his father (Hemsworth in a cameo in the first reboot movie) and for father and son go on a mission together along with the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise. This storyline now appears to have been scrapped and Hawley will be writing a totally different screenplay for the movie. No word yet on whether the rest of the cast including Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban and Zoe Saldana will be returning also in the new movie but it has already been confirmed that the character of Checkov will not be appearing after the tragic death of Anton Yelchin. J.J Abrams will return as the producer for the film and has already stated that the character of Checkov won’t be recast and the crew will continue without him.

Star Trek | Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth Pull Out of Star Trek: Beyond Sequel

This fourth instalment will be separate from the rumoured Quentin Tarantino R-Rated version. It was originally reported that Tarantino would be writing and directing a more adult ‘Trek’ film but from what we are hearing, he has completed the screenplay but will hand the directorial reins to someone else. Actor Simon Pegg, who plays the role of Chief Engineer Scott (Scotty) has already predicted that Tarantino’s movie won’t hit the screen for another six years. To be honest, it wouldn’t be a huge shock to me if the Tarantino Star Trek movie goes into the unproduced script archives and never sees the light of day. But it remains to be seen.

Although the last film in the franchise ‘Star Trek Beyond‘ wasn’t such a box office success as the first two movies in the rebooted franchise, it still turned enough of a profit for Paramount to go ahead with plans to make a fourth movie. After all the trouble that has plagued the film since the last one, we can only hope that things work out, the stars aline and the Enterprise sets out on another classic voyage across the galaxy. And with Pine’s return, it seems more than likely that the film will hit screens within the next two years.

We will, of course, keep you updated on any further developments on this breaking news story.


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