Mission Impossible Gets A Guardian

Pom Klementieff joins the cast of Tom Cruise’s back-to-back Mission Impossible sequels

The ‘Mission Impossible‘ franchise is about to undergo back to back shooting on the seventh and eighth films. Star Tom Cruise is ready and willing to amaze us once again with his stunts and portrayal of top I.M.F operative Ethan Hunt. Alongside other returnees Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg, the films will expand the world of the shadowy spies and their adventures. A rumour did do the rounds that Henry Cavill would also be returning as Agent Walker but considering his characters fate at the climax of the last film, ‘Mission: Impossible: Fallout‘, that was just dumb!

Mission Impossible Gets A Guardian

Now, word has emerged that Guardians Of The Galaxy star Pom Klementieff has signed on to appear in the two sequels. The ‘Mantis’ actress has joined the cast in a yet unannounced role.  However, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie did post on Instagram with a cryptic clue. Alongside a photograph of the actress appeared with the words:

‘@Pom.Klementieff, how do you say femme fatale in French?’

Mission Impossible Gets A Guardian

Does this mean that the possibility exists that Klementieff could be going one on one with Ferguson’s Ilsa Faust? Two ass-kicking females in the same film? Count me in! It makes a change to see Klementieff in the flesh and not behind all the make-up as we usually see her in the Marvel universe. And I do believe she could beat the s**t out of Cruise’s Ethan Hunt if she so desired so it’s looking good.

Mission: Impossible 7 will be released into theatres July 23rd 2021 followed by Mission: Impossible 8 (or whatever they end up being called) on August 25th 2022.

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