December 6, 2022
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Carl updates us on the latest news on A Nightmare on Elm Street, Fantasy Island, James Wan’s proposed Frankenstein Reboot and Bad Boys For Life

Hello and welcome once again to another FOTF News buzz. Yet again, news has been dropping onto the wires and once again, we are here to bring you up to speed with the latest from Tinseltown.

The estate of the late horror movie director, Wes Craven have successfully regained the rights to the late maestro’s greatest creation, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street‘. It was feared that the rights would be entangled in a lengthy and costly legal battle, in the same way, the rights to the ‘Friday The 13th‘ franchise have been. This rights battle has prevented any new movies or material being made and the end seems to be out of sight still. Not so with Freddy Krueger. Not only has the Craven estate got all rights and properties back for the franchise but they have issued an open call for any screenwriter or filmmaker to submit ideas on how to continue with the property cinematically. In addition, there is a rumour going around that reports the family is also considering concepts for a possible HBO Max series. Original Freddy actor Robert Englund has expressed a desire to play the character one final time if he’s allowed to or he would like to see Kevin Bacon assume the role. Whether either option will be taken up remains to be seen but its great news that Freddy will be able to haunt our nightmares once again.

PG-13 Horror Madness

Blumhouse’s horror take on the classic TV show, ‘Fantasy Island‘ has nabbed itself a brand new glossy UK poster that suits the new take on the property to the ground. Take a look:

Fantasy Island UK Poster

I like it. It reminds me of an old fashioned horror movie poster mixed in with a modern take. The poster proclaims the release date as 27th February but that is the United Kingdom release day. The film, starring Michael Pena opens at the U.S box office February 14th 2020.

Sticking with the movie poster theme, a new one-sheet has been released for the upcoming threequel, ‘Bad Boys For Life‘. Once again, our two heroes played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence take over the entire poster. It appears that Smith has top billing this time around with Lawrence playing second fiddle. The previous two entries had Lawrence as the top-billed artist. Again, let’s take a peek:

Bad Boys For Life Poster

Ok, that tagline is slightly concerning. Its taken years to get a third ‘Bad Boys‘ movie but from the tagline, you could be forgiven that this is the last ride for both characters. ‘Ride together. Die Together’ doesn’t inspire confidence that both actors will see the sunrise at the end of the movie. But yet again, time will tell as we find out the truth from January 17th 2020.

And finally, another rumour has started to leak out. It appears from the rumours that director James Wan is producing a remake of ‘Frankenstein‘ through his production company, Atomic Monster. The film is apparently going to be a remake of the classic Universal 1930’s horror movie. The film was originally mooted to be an entry into the ‘Dark Universe’ universe that Universal was creating (try saying that quickly). That was until the Tom Cruise remake of ‘The Mummy‘ tanked big time. This seemed to spell the end of the ‘Dark Universe’ project and that appeared to have been backed up by the upcoming ‘Invisible Man‘ film starring Elizabeth Moss.

The film was planned for Johnny Depp to take the starring role but decided to move on after the fiasco of ‘The Mummy‘. Javier Bardem was lined up to play the monster for Universal but it is unknown if he is still in line to play the role. The film’s production is, as I stated, only a rumour at this time but if it does come to pass, I really hope for a remake that is set back in the old days and doesn’t become a modern take on the material. As for Bardem, I can’t see why they can’t continue with him in the title role. He would make a magnificent Frankenstein’s monster and would bring a bigger sense of tragedy to the role.

Frankenstein 1931

That’s it for this news burst. Keep checking back here at The Future Of The Force for any updates on the developing stories and of course, please have your say on any movie topic that you can think of. We are always happy to hear from you!

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