September 27, 2023
Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker - New "Desert Chase" Clip

First Order Jet Troopers make life difficult for Rey and her Resistance companions in this awesome clip from The Rise of Skywalker

The build-up is well underway as today, we have been given the first clip from the upcoming final episode in the Star Wars saga, ‘The Rise Of Skywalker‘. Let us all now take a look:

Ok, it looks great!

I love the clean and excellent picture and sound quality of the scene we have just witnessed and it’s great to see that Rey still knows how to use the blaster Han Solo gave her In ‘The Force Awakens‘. Adding to the equation is that this is the longest look we have had at the new Jet Troopers created for the film. And they look good!

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker blasts into theatres December 20th.


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