September 22, 2023
E.T Returns in Xfinity Ad

E.T The Extra-Terrestrial is reunited with Elliott in this heartwarming Xfinity commercial

Ok, I admit it, I cried.

E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial‘ was and still is, one of the best movies ever made. The story of a left-behind alien and his friendship with a young earth boy warmed the hearts of moviegoers everywhere and left many members of the audience, myself included, crying buckets by the end credits. To this day, I still can’t bear to watch the end of the film, knowing that by the time it finishes, I’ll be breaking down in floods of tears. Thankfully, Steven Spielberg never made a sequel to the film, possibly his masterpiece, instead leaving us with memories that will linger forever.

E.T The Extra-Terrestrial

Now though, we get a kind of sequel in an advertisement for Xfinity. Normally, adverts are only on for around 60 seconds but this one lasts for over 4 minutes. And Henry Thomas has returned to his role of Elliott, giving the commercial a wonderful nostalgic feeling. Let’s all take a look:

What a perfect, charming, heartbreaking and nostalgic commercial. I can’t describe the feeling it gave me watching a semi reunion between E.T and Elliott. I couldn’t help but smile from the moment it started right up to the huge lump in my throat by the end. Accompanied by John Williams classic score, the commercial must go down in history as one of the best ever created.

E.T The Extra-Terrestrial and Elliott Reunited

It seems that advertising companies are playing on our nostalgia at the moment when it comes to Christmas advertisements. Last year we had the return of Macauley Culkin and Joe Pesci in a classic look back at ‘Home Alone‘. This year, our favourite Extraterrestrial has made an unexpected but welcome return. I ask myself what’s going to be next. But after seeing E.T return after 37 years, to be honest, I don’t care! Grab the tissues again. Believe me, when I say, you’re going to need them!

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