January 31, 2023
The Official Film Chart The UK Top Ten (4th December)

Hobbs & Shaw race up the chart to claim the top spot on the official film chart while The Lion King slips to second place!

Greetings and welcome once more to the chart that counts down what the British public has been buying on DVD/Blu-Ray and digital download over the past seven days. This week, we wave goodbye to ‘Horrible Histories-The Romans‘ after its surprise re-appearance in last week’s chart but replacing it is an old friend, a film that’s now over 15 years old but is regarded as a true family Christmas classic. What film could it be? Jump in Santa’s sleigh as we find out.

Roaring up the chart with a boost of acceleration and becoming the new number one home entertainment release is ‘Fast & Furious: Hobbs And Shaw‘. Just as we predicted last week, the Dwayne Johnson/ Jason Statham double act spin-off from the main franchise has shot up the chart as it made its debut on DVD and Blu-Ray last Monday. The film made a good return on its budget when it hit cinemas back in August and has hit the heights once more upon its home release.

Fast & Furious: Hobbs And Shaw

Yielding its place at the top of the chart and moving down one spot with a roar into the second position is Disney’s ‘The Lion King‘. The film was the chart champion for a number of weeks but has slipped down finally. However, don’t count the film out just yet as we approach the Christmas period and many copies will be handed out and purchased as gifts, meaning the film could yet rise again to become the U.K’s Christmas number one release.

Box Office | Pennywise Scares Up A Second Week At The Top!

Completing the top three titles and still selling well and getting a lot of play is Disney/Pixar’s ‘Toy Story 4‘. The toys batteries are still pretty fresh as it hangs around the top three places again after a lengthy run at the top of the chart.

Falling down the strands of his web and dropping a place after this week’s horrible rain showers washed him out, we find ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home‘ at this week’s number four position. The Tom Holland/Samuel L Jackson superhero film has managed to web its way to a ton of cash both cinematically and on home entertainment and is still a great gift to give for Christmas.

Spider-Man Far From Home

This week’s only new entry into the chart has risen eight places and is the most downloaded title of the week as it rounds out the top five. It was only a matter of time before it raised its head in the chart again and we welcome it back with open arms and a grin on our faces. We once again say a big hello to ‘Elf‘. Yes, Will Farrell and company have re-joined us again for another year. The film is over 15 years old now but still brings joy to the households of those who put it on at this time of year. I have to admit that I have already had the film on in my own living room three times already and to this day, it still makes me roar with laughter, especially the snowball fight scene. A timeless and true family Christmas essential, it receives a warm welcome back into the chart.


With Golden Globe nominations to its name and a good chance of winning some awards glory has seen ‘Rocketman‘ slip a place to the sixth position but has cemented its spot in the chart for yet another week.

His magic carpet is seriously starting to run thin, showing its threads as the Genie’s magic starts to waver which in turn sees ‘Aladdin‘ fall yet another place to land at this week’s number seven. The film has made some serious cash in its run both at the cinema and on home entertainment and again, is another film that will make a good stocking filler.

Box Office | Spider-Man Swings Into Top Spot

Danny Boyle’s love letter to the music of The Beatles, ‘Yesterday‘ stands firm as it refuses to move from the eighth place this week.

Falling a few places but still holding his own in the ninth position comes Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of the classic Dr. Seuss tale, the animated ‘The Grinch‘.

The Grinch

Rounding out the top ten and once again, refusing to be beaten into submission and departing the chart for a second time, ‘Avengers: Endgame‘ hangs on to the coattails of the chart and cementing its place as the number one top-selling title of 2019. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ did run it close but the Marvel film has become the runaway leader now and most certainly, won’t be caught.

Avengers Endgame Assemble

Blasting its way onto Download and Keep from 16th December, we have the third instalment in the Gerard Butler’s action movie franchise as ‘Angel Has Fallen‘ makes its bow. There is no Aaron Eckhart this time around but Butler is once again joined by Morgan Freeman. This time, the film has taken on a ‘Taken 3’ premise as Butler’s character, Mike Banning is accused of an attempted assassination on the U.S President (Freeman), leading to a daring escape and a hunt for the real perpetrators. With Danny Huston in support, the film has become the most profitable in the franchise so far.

Angel Has Fallen

Will ‘Hobbs & Shaw‘ keep their feet to the accelerators and hold onto the top spot? Will ‘The Lion King‘ roar again and reclaim his throne? Will the toys get stronger batteries and climb up the chart again? Or will ‘Elf‘ work his magic and reach the summit?

Whatever you buy, whatever you decide, happy viewing!


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The Official Film Chart

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