November 29, 2022
Top Gun Maverick Trailer

Tom Cruise jumps back into the cockpit and soars in the awesome new trailer for Top Gun: Maverick

Hot from the release of the poster yesterday for the sequel ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘, we today present the brand new trailer for the long-awaited and anticipated Tom Cruise film. Let’s strap in, hit the afterburners and take a look:

Oh yeah! Maverick is back. ‘Top Gun‘ is probably the most famous and beloved of Tom Cruise’s films outside of the ‘Mission Impossible‘ franchise and the sequel has been long-gestating. The film has been trying to get off the ground in the years since the 1986 original. After the tragic death of director Tony Scott, one of the main heavyweights behind the sequel and director of the original, hopes for the film looked doomed to failure. However, it’s great to see Cruise once again back In the cockpit returning to his arguably best role and teaching the next generation his unenviable skills.

Top Gun Maverick Poster

And let’s talk about some of the shots in the trailer. Maverick looks to be back at his very best, the aerial shots look completely amazing and I can’t wait to sit in an IMAX theatre and watch it all unfold in front of me. And that final shot…WOW! Not only is it a great step forward for Cruise’s character but it brings back memories of the flyby’s he pulled all those years ago.

Top Gun Maverick Logo

It’s also great news that the film is a sequel and not a reboot/remake of the original film. A sequel, even arriving 34 years after the original, is most welcome whereas a remake or reboot is certainly not.

Top Gun: Maverick takes to the skies next summer.

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