December 10, 2022
Hans Zimmer Takes Over Scoring Duties on No Time To Die

Oh Oh NO!!! Zimmer recruited to score the new 007 adventure

Breaking news has started to come out that film composer Hans Zimmer has been hired at the last minute to provide the score for the new James Bond film, ‘No Time To Die‘. The composer is replacing Dan Romer who has departed the film due to ‘Creative Differences’.

Hans Zimmer Takes Over Scoring Duties on No Time To Die

Now, normally, I’d be excited to hear that Zimmer was scoring a film. After his epic scores for the likes of ‘Backdraft‘, ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean‘ and The ‘Dark Knight‘ trilogy, you’d be excused for thinking I’d be jumping for joy. Sadly, I’m not. To me, Zimmer’s past few scores have left a lot to be desired and I’m nowhere near 100% sure that his style of music will fit with the world of 007.

To be honest, I’d rather they go with Michael Giacchino but he is constantly busy. I shall reserve judgment on Zimmer’s score until I hear it in full but I have to admit, I’m not holding out much hope for it.

No Time To Die opens worldwide in April.


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