December 9, 2022

Bloodshot rated PG-13 in the US for “Intense Sequences of Violence”

Vin Diesel’s latest movie, an adaptation of Valiant Comics property ‘Bloodshot‘ has been awarded its rating by the MPAA along with the release of two new posters for the film. The film has been rated PG-13 for “Intense Sequences Of Violence, Some Suggestive Material, And Language”.

Ok, it’s not the rating I was expecting since I saw the first trailer for the film. From what I saw originally, I was sure the film would grab itself a nice R rating but obviously, that’s not to be. No harm, no foul as they say. However, I can’t shake the feeling that the film has been edited down to get a more family-friendly rating or that the film, if left as it is for the UK market, will grab itself a more restrictive 15 rating from the BBFC unless Columbia Pictures decides to edit the film to grab a less strict 12A rating instead. This is based on the BBFC rating the first trailer as a 15, the same as the recent ‘Morbius‘ trailer. Typically, this PG-13 rated fare gets a more restrictive rating in the UK when presented to the BBFC unless the distributor is willing to cut the film to gain a family-friendly certificate.

To complement the MPAA’s rating of the film, two new posters have also been unveiled for the film:

Bloodshot Poster 1Bloodshot Poster 2

The Synopsis of the film is:

‘Ray Garrison, a soldier recently killed in action is brought back to life as the superhero Bloodshot by the RST corporation. Now filled with an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he’s an unstoppable force-stronger than ever and able to heal instantly. But in controlling his body, the company has sway over his mind and memories, too. Now, Ray doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not-but he’s on a mission to find out’

The film is the directorial debut of Dave Wilson. Alongside Tim Miller, they run Blur Studio, a visual effects company. The film co-stars Guy Pearce, Toby Kebbell and Eiza Gonzalez. Vin Diesel and Sony Pictures will unleash the film on screens from March 13th after having been delayed from its original February opening.


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