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OK, Boomer! Adam Driver returns for another hilarious episode of ‘Undercover Boss’ for Saturday Night Live

This past weekend saw actor and former marine Adam Driver make his long-awaited return to host ‘Saturday Night Live’. His last appearance came four years ago when ‘The Force Awakens‘ opened at the movies. What is remembered and still laughed at to this day was Driver’s mock-appearance on an ‘Undercover Boss’ skit, playing Kylo Ren going undercover as Matt The Radar Technician. What we saw was a hilarious skit with Ren attempting to fit in with his subordinates, all the while they knew it was really him from the start. It was an inspired comedic sketch and one that still gives people the giggles today.

Adam Driver Returns to SNL -Undercover Boss

Adam Driver started the show this time around with a monologue that really made fun of the actor and his off-camera persona. Driver has a reputation of not being too friendly off-camera and has been accused of blanking his fans, many of them at the Star Wars premiere. I saw him at ‘The Last Jedi‘ UK premiere and he did wave and say hello to his fans but didn’t stop for photographs or autographs. This can easily be explained as, even though he is a former U.S Marine, Adam Driver isn’t comfortable on the red carpet and tries to get through them as quickly as possible, appearing arrogant but in reality, not wanting to be there due to a shyness that many people don’t realise. The actor poked fun at himself and played along with the audience including a wonderful moment when he said to the audience he was always approachable and friendly, went out into them and told one quite rudely to get out of the way! Of course, it was a scripted encounter but it was funny all the same.

He then sat with a male audience member and presented him with a signed figure of Kylo Ren, all nice and friendly until Driver uttered a warning: ‘If I see this for sale on eBay, I will kill you’. Driver then proceeded to continue to deliver his opening remarks, stating he was just wasting as there was a skit at the end of the show he wasn’t comfortable with and wanted to overrun just so they had to cancel it. The actor also decided to move slowly right up to the camera and smile like a Cheshire cat down the lens and into the homes of millions of viewers that were watching. It was pure comedy gold.

To top things off, apart from appearing in various sketches throughout the programme, the actor pulled out another brilliant masterstroke as he performed in an ‘Undercover Boss-Where Are They Now?’ sketch, once again playing Kylo Ren going undercover, this time as Randy, the entry-level intern, who greeted his new work friends with ‘Ok, Boomer!’. During this wonderful skit, it was announced that Kylo wasn’t having a good time as of late, that days after his original ‘Undercover Boss’ show, he killed his father, murdered his mentor, almost killed his mother and was obsessed with a Jedi named Rey. During his time as Randy, Ren managed to murder a First Order Admiral, make four new friends and only kill one of them, a pilot who wanted to fly. When Ren left her a present of a TIE Pilot helmet and appeared behind his new friend as Randy, she made the mistake of saying she wanted to fly like Luke Skywalker. After impaling her with his Crosssaber, Randy quoted ‘And now you’ll die like him too! Ok, Boomer!’. Pure comedic genius.

The show is available to stream online now and I seriously suggest checking it out. It will make you see Adam Driver in a whole new light and shows he’s not afraid to make fun of himself or his image. He’s also not afraid to poke fun at his past as a Marine either. And that whats us like Adam Driver, the man even more.


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