January 28, 2023
The Official Film Chart The UK Top Ten (29th January)

This week Rambo: Last Blood fights off a resurgence from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood to retain top spot in the UK Film Chart

Greetings and salutations! Welcome once more to the UK official top ten home entertainment titles that the British public have been buying and downloading these past seven days. Last week saw Mega Movie Week hit the UK and I hope you all grabbed yourself a few bargains. As such, we have seen four titles re-enter the top ten chart based on their downloads during this special event. We wave a fond goodbye and wipe away our tears as we lose ‘Angel Has Fallen‘, ‘Ad Astra’, ‘The Lion King and the ‘IT/ IT Chapter Two Boxset’ from the top ten places. Replacing them are four favourites that have dropped out over the past few weeks. What are they, I hear you ask? Let us now find out together.

Mega Movie Week

The Official Film Chart | UK Top 10 (29th January)

Fighting violently and graphically to hold onto his place at the top of the chart is once again ‘Rambo: Last Blood‘. The final film in the 38-year-old franchise has seemed to find its home on the home entertainment market and appears to be a bigger success on the home format than it did on cinema screens. I, of course, have grabbed my own copy and have watched it several times over now and can confirm it is better being seen at home than it did at my local cinema. It still isn’t what we can call a ‘Rambo‘ film but its enjoyably agreeable nonsense all the same.

Review | Rambo: Last Blood

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Jumping three places to come home in the second position, based on its Oscar nominations and last weeks special event, we find Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to the dying age of Hollywood, ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood‘. The almost three-hour film is a wonderful look back at the twilight of the golden years of Tinseltown even though it’s incredibly historically inaccurate!

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Holding firm in the third-placed position, we find ‘Downton Abbey: The Movie‘ still polishing its silver and preparing for a royal visit. The film successfully made the leap from the small screen to the big, silver screen as its continued success both here and in the United States has demonstrated.

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Dropping two places to land with his balloons at this week’s fourth position, ‘IT: Chapter Two‘ continues to float the public boat. The concluding part of the epic Stephen King Novel continues to scare up big sales and downloads and will continue to hang around the chart for a while yet.

Review | IT: Chapter Two

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Rounding out the top five this week, in the fifth position and leaping eight places back into the chart after Mega Movie week, we welcome back our friendly neighbourhood web-crawler as ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home‘ webs it’s way once again into the public’s heart.

Box Office | Spider-Man Swings Into Top Spot

Blasting its way back into the top ten this week and coming home in the sixth position, we discover once again the musical warts and all biopic of Sir Elton John as we welcome back Taron Egerton and ‘Rocketman‘. The film is another title to benefit from Mega Movie Week.


The pole has had some glue squirted on it this past seven days as ‘Hustlers‘ becomes a non-mover at this weeks number seven position.

Finding some fuel and managing a short spurt of acceleration as it moves up two places to become the weeks eighth biggest seller, we find ‘Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw‘. Once again, Mega Movie week has worked its magic and given the film a quick new burst of life.

Film Title: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Benefitting from a discounted price during last weeks promotion and rising a huge ten places to re-enter the chart in the ninth-placed position, we again say hello to Danny Boyle’s charming fantasy comedy ‘Yesterday‘. The Beatles inspired film has had a good lease of life on home entertainment and once again decides to poke its head above the parapet.

Rounding out the week’s best selling titles and another film that took the benefit of Mega Movie week to the maximum, rising seven places to sit at number ten, we come home to find ‘The Secret Life Of Pets 2‘ has decided to enter our premises and make itself at home on the sofa once again.

Box Office | Spider-Man Swings Into Top Spot

Sadly, Mega Movie week has now ended. We can expect to see most, if not all of the films that re-entered the chart this week to once again drop out by this time next week. But they can rest assured that they have made their impact on the British public one last time.

Hitting Download And Keep from February 3rd, we can bring home the delightful children’s animated film ‘Abominable‘ to add to our home entertainment library. The film follows a young girl named Yi who, after investigating the roof of her apartment building in Shanghai, discovers a young and lovable Yeti who she decides to name Everest. This chance encounter leads to a journey to reunite the mystical creature with his family. The film is fun for all the family and will entertain young children and their parents alike with its winning and magical tale.

mega movie week 2020

Once again, a huge thank you to all of you who took part in Mega Movie Week and for showing your continued support for the UK home entertainment industry.

What will be the shining light come next weeks chart? Will ‘Rambo‘ reload and come out fighting once more to hold his position? Will Downton Abbey get a royal seal of approval and make it to the top of the tree? Will Pennywise get new helium in his balloons and rise to reach the summit? And what films will jump into the chart as a new entry or make their re-entry into the chart?

Whatever you buy, whatever you decide, happy viewing!

You can buy any of the titles featured in the Top 10 via https://www.findanyfilm.com/VideoChart


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