The Official Film Chart - The UK Top Ten (19th February)

This week Maleficent casts a spell over the chart to capture the #2 spot – but Joker has the last laugh with a second week at the top of the UK Top 10

Well, well! Welcome once more to the official UK film chart, the only chart that runs down what the British public has been buying for their own entertainment collection. Three movies make their debut in the chart this week and that means the end of the line for ‘Rambo: Last Blood‘, ‘IT: Chapter Two‘ and ‘Ad Astra‘. There have been many movers over the past seven days but crucially, one title holds onto its position. And it comes at the top of the chart. What new titles have forced their way into the new top ten? Grab your coats, its cold outside as we start our journey to discover what’s hot and what’s not for the UK consumer.


Once again laughing his way into remaining the UK’s number one home entertainment title is the double Oscar-Winning comic-book drama ‘Joker‘. Having hit the top of the chart last week on downloads alone, the film emerged onto disc last Monday and with it, has cemented its position again this week. The Joaquin Phoenix starring critically acclaimed drama is riding on the crest of a wave at the moment and after its award-winning success, it could possibly stay at the top for a few weeks to come.

Movie Review | Joker

Using her powers to magic herself into this week’s second-place position, we find Angelina Jolie in the Disney sequel ‘Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil‘. The follow-up to the original film has entered the chart based on downloads ahead of its debut on disc this past Monday. Although the film didn’t hit the heights of its predecessor, both critically and financially, it did make a decent profit at the worldwide box office and is once again a nice family film to watch and enjoy together.

Maleficent Mistress Of Evil

The silver is looking slightly tarnished as ‘Downton Abbey‘ slips a single place to become this weeks third best selling movie. The film has made a sizable chunk of change both here and across the world and continues to bring in the moolah on both download and disc.


(F)Armageddon didn’t exactly come to pass even though ‘A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon‘ makes its chart bow to land this week in the fourth place position. The Clay stop-animation sequel is a wonderful film that will entertain the little ones with its charming and giggle-inducing theatrics while the adults will have to stifle a laugh or two at some of the marvellous in-jokes and things that while innocent for children, mean something a bit more rude to the adults.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Blasting its way quite gorily but hilariously into the chart and rounding out this week’s top five movies comes comedic horror sequel ‘Zombieland: Double Tap‘. The sequel, once again starring Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone is, quite frankly, a hilarious riot of blood, gore, violence and comedy. Those who loved the original will get a massive blast from this second film, ten years after the original hit the multiplexes. Once again, Harrelson is on top form as Tallahasse, a man whose obsession with Elvis Pressley is exploited to the max.  To be honest, although I think its slightly not as good as the original, the film is a totally enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining film to put on and sit back and enjoy. The film is due to hit disc in a few weeks and there is a double boxset of both films coming out too which is a must-own for me.

Zombieland: Double Tap

Dropping a place to end the week in the sixth position, we find ‘Abominable‘. The charming animated film is still selling strong and continues to entrance children and adults alike.


Losing her voice even though she is still celebrating her Oscar win,’Judy‘ falls three places to sing herself into a seventh-placed finish. The Renee Zellweger masterclass in acting received a boost last week after taking the Best Actress Oscar but has fallen back a fair bit over the past seven days.


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood‘ once again finds itself falling down the chart but only by a single place as it ends up in the eighth position. The Quentin Tarantino masterpiece has been around the chart for a fair few weeks now and again, after its BAFTA and Oscar success, found itself receiving a boost in sales and downloads last week. Sadly though, the film has started to once again drop back down the chart.


Not even boasting two Will Smith’s for the price of one can stop ‘Gemini Man‘ from dropping five places to end the week in ninth position. However, the film only emerged onto disc this past Monday and should see a chargeback up the chart next week as physical copies fly off shelves everywhere. Despite its flaws, the film is deserving of a watch or two and will be a late-night guilty pleasure film in years to come. It is deserving of putting on late at night and enjoying with a bowl of snacks and a drink in the quiet of your own home.


He may still be standing but sad songs say so much as biopic ‘Rocketman‘ ends the week by rounding out the top ten as it drops a place. The film hung on in there last week as it dropped down the chart despite subject matter Sir Elton John’s Oscar for the Best original song but it is now on the verge of dropping through the chart exit door, quite possibly next week.


Hitting Download And Keep from the 24th February comes the sequel to the classic horror movie, ‘The Shining‘ as ‘Doctor Sleep‘ comes to home entertainment. The film, starring Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Fergusson was sadly a box office fizzle upon its release at the backend of last year. And that is really a shame as the film is a more than worthy follow-up to Stanley Kubrick’s original movie and was a fantastic adaptation of the novel by Stephen King. It was in my top ten movies of last year ranking and is worthy of coming home as an addition to your collection. What makes it even more worthy of purchase is the fact that the disc contains both the cinematic version of the film alongside an extended ‘Director’s Cut‘ that promises so much more for the viewer to watch and enjoy. I highly recommend picking the film up as it is a great adaptation of the novel and will be viewed as an underrated classic in years to come.


So, will ‘Joker‘ continue to have the last laugh by remaining at the top of the chart? Will ‘Maleficent‘ work her magic and claim her throne? Will ‘Shaun The Sheep‘ bleat loudest and leap fences to reach the summit? Will ‘Zombieland‘ manage to scare and laugh itself into becoming the new chart-topper? Or will ‘Doctor Sleep‘ awaken a bigger audience and ‘Shine’ its way into becoming the new number one?

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, happy viewing!


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