December 4, 2022
Guillermo Del Toro's 'Antlers' Impales Itself A New Trailer

Keri Russell swaps the galaxy far, far away for a chilling new creature-feature in ‘Antlers

Could this year be a fantastic one for the horror genre? Ignoring the PG-13 horror remake of classic TV show ‘Fantasy Island‘ (The audience certainly did), we have several fantastic looking horror movies to look forward to before we get to THE big one in ‘Halloween Kills‘ in October. One of these is the horror debut of director Scott Cooper who has gained the producing power of Oscar Winner Guillermo Del Toro in bringing ‘Antlers‘ to the big screen. The premise of the movie is:

“A small-town Oregon teacher and her brother, the local Sheriff become entwined with a young student who is harbouring a dangerous secret with frightening consequences.”

Guillermo Del Toro's 'Antlers' Impales Itself A New Trailer

The film stars ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’s‘ Keri Russell as the teacher and Jesse Plemons as her brother, the Sheriff alongside young actor Jeremy T. Thomas as the young student and is based on the short story ‘The Quiet Boy‘ that was written by Nick Antosca who has written the film alongside Henry Chaisson with revisions by Director Cooper. Fox Searchlight has dropped a new trailer for the film online. Let’s take a deep breath and take a look:

Now, this looks to be pretty scary! If the film can match the short story on which it is based and keep the original ending intact, the film could be one of the years standouts in the horror genre. I’m not even going to contemplate discussing the ending to the story but those of you who have read it will know what I’m alluding to. Del Toro produces the film alongside J.Miles Dale and David S. Goyer in this expanded version of the short story.

Antlers‘ is scheduled to open on April 17th.


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