December 6, 2022
Candyman Trailer

Candyman is back … dare you say his name?

Cast your mind back to 1992. A horror film hit the screens worldwide that was a massive hit. Based on the character created by celebrated horror writer, Clive Barker, ‘Candyman‘ made audiences scream as its unique blend of horror and scares was unleashed. Starring Virginia Madsen, the film was a terrifying piece of horror cinema. That was down to the main character himself, played brilliantly and memorably by Tony Todd. The film spawned sequels, none of which could match the original and, to be honest, diluted the character somewhat. The third film, ‘Day Of The Dead‘ didn’t receive a cinematic release in many territories, instead going straight to video. It was a by the numbers, uninspired effort and one that deserves to be forgotten.

Tony Todd Candyman

Now, in 2020, we have a new ‘Candyman‘ to look forward to. However, instead of being a remake or reboot of the franchise, it is a direct sequel to the original film. Normally, I wouldn’t be that impressed with bringing back the character some 28 years after the first film. But the film has the biggest pair of aces up its sleeve. For one, it is co-written and co-produced by Jordan Peele. The man has delivered two of the best horror efforts of the past few years in ‘Get Out‘ and ‘Us‘. Ok, so I saw the twist in ‘Us‘ coming around the halfway mark but it was still a fantastic entry into the genre. If anyone can deliver a successful entry into the ‘Candyman‘ franchise, it is Peele. The second ace though is the best of the bunch. Tony Todd is once again playing the role of Candyman. This news is outstanding. I wouldn’t be interested in the film if Todd wasn’t playing the hook-handed killer, to be honest, just like I wasn’t interested in the ‘Nightmare On Elm Street‘ remake that didn’t feature Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger. With Todd in place, I’m now more than interested in seeing how the film plays out.

Ahead of the films June 12th release, Universal Pictures has unveiled the first poster and trailer for the upcoming film. Let’s sneak a look at both:

Candyman Poster

The poster is perfectly in line with what the film will bring us, showing us the eponymous killer’s hook weapon of choice with honey dripping from it, alluding to how the killer met his demise in the first place. The trailer, however, looks like the film could just yet be the sequel the original deserved all those years ago. It doesn’t look like a cheap cash-in or uninspired take on the material. It instead appears to be a worthy and frightening re-introduction for the character, one that will once again send audiences out of their minds in fear and screaming in their seats. I can see popcorn flying into the air, drinks being spilt and arms being grabbed as the killer makes his welcome return to the cinema screen.

Can Peele and Todd pull it off? We will have to wait a little while longer before we find out but after seeing what they have pulled out so far, all signs look extremely encouraging.


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