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The Freddy Krueger legend would love to see an Elm Street prequel focussing on Freddy’s trial

Robert Englund has spoken. And if Robert Englund has spoken, you damn well better listen. The actor has spoken of his belief that the ‘Nightmare On Elm Street‘ franchise deserves and needs a prequel focussing on Freddy Kruger’s trial, acquittal and subsequent fiery demise at the hands of the parents of Elm Street. Englund is quoted to have said:

“I think that the franchise probably deserves a really good prequel. There’s never been an entire movie devoted to Freddy before he was burned and the crimes and getting caught by the police and going on trial and getting away with killing children. We know that he was set free, so to me, the great part in the prequel is gonna be the lawyers, the lawyers that get him off. These ambulance-chasing lawyers that get Freddy off and then, of course, the ending would be the vigilante parents burning him. That would be the end of the movie, but I think there’s a great story there somewhere…I think it could sustain 90 minutes”

Robert Englund | Elm Street Needs A Good Prequel

To be totally honest with you, I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before now. And with Englund reprising his role as Freddy in the prequel. The actor deserves that much but sadly, it hasn’t come to pass and to be fair, I think it’s too late now. I wouldn’t really be interested in an Elm Street prequel that didn’t feature Englund as Freddy as I think he is irreplaceable as the character.

Robert Englund also spoke of his desire to return to the franchise IF the film was a reboot of the third film in the franchise, ‘Dream Warriors‘. He said:

“If, for instance, they remade part III (Dream Warriors), which is the biggest hit in the franchise, I would love to be invited to do a cameo. I think there’s a tradition in horror movies and in remakes for the cameo. It’s a certain kind of valentine to the fans and I know there’s a part in (Dream Warriors where) the great Priscilla Pointer…played this sort of sceptical dream therapist in the group sessions. I think it would be fun for me to play that part if there was a remake…To have me not believe in collective nightmares. Having played Freddy, everybody’s favourite nightmare, I think it would be fun for me to play a guy that doesn’t believe in nightmares”

Robert Englund | Elm Street Needs A Good Prequel

We know that the estate of the late creator of the franchise, Wes Craven is planning on making a new Elm Street film alongside and show to be shown on HBO Max in the States. If and I say IF the plan is to remake Dream Warriors, then I can’t find any reason why they can’t bring Robert Englund back for a brief cameo in thanks for all the success he brought to their door with his portrayal of the burned, dream serial killer. It would be a nice nod to the original movies as well as passing the torch to the next generation to star in the movies and to his successor as Freddy. Whether or not it comes to pass remains to be seen, however.

Robert Englund Elm Street Needs A Good Prequel

So, would you like to see a Freddy prequel movie? Would you like to see a remake of Dream Warriors? Or do you think the character should be left alone, to go into the annuls of horror history and to be left for our memories? Why don’t you let us know right here at The Future Of The Force with your comments or thoughts on this or any other story that we report? Or is there something you’d like us to look into and report on? Don’t be shy, drop us a line and we will do our utmost to research and write a piece on what you suggest.

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