Godzilla vs Kong Battles 007 at the Box Office

With movies like ‘No Time To Die‘, Godzilla vs Kong‘, ‘Halloween Kills‘, and ‘Venom 2‘ all coming in October/November – Autumn is becoming the new Summer!

Even though it wasn’t supposed to be a November release, the latest film in the James Bond franchise, ‘No Time To Die‘ was pushed back to the eleventh month of the year yesterday due to the worldwide Coronavirus epidemic. It joins the upcoming ‘Godzilla Vs Kong‘ which also had its release pushed back at the tail end of last year instead of hitting theatres this month. Now it is being reported that the film has tested really highly at surprise screenings with one fan saying it is the best film in the ‘Monsterverse’. The ‘Fan’ tweeted:

Godzilla vs Kong Reaction

“I’m not going to spoil the film. Suffice to say GODZILLA VS KONG is the best movie in the modern Monsterverse and blissfully runs less than two hours”

Godzilla vs Kong

The tweet about the running time ties into what has already been announced, that the film runs for 105 minutes in total. But it also joins the lengthy list of fans who report that the film is completely amazing. The film is the fourth film in the ‘Monsterverse’ after ‘Godzilla‘, ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ and ‘Godzilla: King Of The Monsters‘ and will finally, apparently, give the world a victor in their battle. I’m not so sure. I honestly believe the film will go the exact same route as the Toho movie went back in 1962. In the U.S and the majority of the world, Kong won their battle. But in Japan, Godzilla was the winner. It wouldn’t shock me if we got the same result this time around. In Japan, ‘Zilla HAS to win. But American and other audiences and, in particular, my brother, Phil HAS to see Kong win the fight of the titans. But it’s heartening to hear the film is meeting with great reactions. My only concern is both ‘Godzilla Vs Kong‘ and ‘No Time To Die‘ are due for release on exactly the same day in the United States, November 20th. It wouldn’t surprise me if Warner Bros. blinks first and shifts the monster smackdown either back or forward by a week or two to give 007 a wide berth.

No Time To Die - Daniel Craig

In October, the second in the rebooted franchise, ‘Halloween Kills‘ hits cinemas around the world. It is far removed from Godzilla and Kong but it too has been having test screenings and it also has been receiving positive reviews from almost everyone lucky enough to see it. The last film, back in 2018 had test screenings which led to reshoots and a completely retooled ending. This time, however, the audiences have approved the film completely and it sounds like, from what we have heard from the audiences and the cast and crew of the film, that we are in for a violent, rip-roaring, terrifying night with Michael Myers once more slashing his way through Haddonfield including a welcome return to the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital that was the setting for most of the original ‘Halloween II‘.

Halloween Kills Adds An Original Star

With ‘Venom 2‘ thrown into the mix. October and November could be completely brilliant months of cinematic entertainment. With Eddie Brock/ Venom and Michael Myers taking care of October and James Bond, Godzilla and King Kong standing tall and ready for battle come November, the last months of the year could be better than the Summer blockbuster season. And I for one say…BRING IT ON!!

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