January 28, 2023
The Official Film Chart The U.K Top Ten (11th March)

This week – Midway launches an attack on the charts but nothing can stop Arnie as Terminator: Dark Fate terminates the opposition!

Greetings exalted one! Welcome once again to the official top ten countdown of what’s making the grade and what’s failing miserably on the British home entertainment front.  There’s been quite a bit of movement inside the top ten this week with only two titles rising, one new entry, one non-mover while the rest slide down. One of the movers has made its way into the top ten from last week’s number thirteen which is good luck for it but bad luck for Farmageddon: A Shaun The Sheep Movie and ‘Judy‘ who fall through the top ten exit door this week. And it is a given that we have a new number one title. So, who has reached the summit this week? Come with me if you want to live (and find out).


Blasting its way up the chart by three places and terminating all other titles in its wake comes our brand new chart-topper in the form of ‘Terminator: Dark Fate‘. Yes. Arnie and company, after making its physical bow last Monday onto disc has made its way up to the top of the tree. The sixth and probable final entry into the franchise seems to have finally found its proper place on home entertainment after its dismal box office performance. Still, we can have one last ride with Schwarzenegger as the T-101 before the inevitable reboot that will arrive somewhere in the future.


Flying and sailing its way into the chart as this week’s only new entry and landing in the second position is Roland Emmerichs’ World War II epic ‘Midway‘. The film, starring Ed Skrein, Woody Harrelson and Dennis Quaid is a noble but sadly unfulfilling attempt to tell the story of the Battle of Pearl Harbor and the ensuing fight that occurred between the United States and Japan. The CGI in the film is good and Harrelson and Quaid give it their best shot but the film doesn’t live long in the memory and will go down as a brave but doomed attempt to bring the true story to today’s generation.


His laughter is growing slightly irritating and the smile has been wiped off his face a little but ‘Joker‘, although falling two places from last week’s number one still manages to get a giggle as he ends the week in the third-place position. There really isn’t much more that can be written about the double Oscar-winning film that hasn’t already been said already but its sale prospects are still going strong.

Movie Review | Joker

Jumping nine places from last week’s number thirteen to make its top ten debut in the week’s fourth position, we click our fingers along with the characters and music as ‘The Addams Family‘ decides to join us. The animated reboot of the classic TV show and movies, starring the vocal talents of Charlize Theron and Oscar Issac is a wonderfully dark but hilarious film for all ages to enjoy. I will admit to laughing out loud at several places during the film and singing along and snapping my fingers to the theme tune. I’m sorry but some things just HAVE to be done!

The Addams Family 1

Falling three places as her wings are clipped and her magic wears out, we find Angelina Jolie rounding out the week’s top five titles as ‘Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil‘ ends the past seven days in the fifth-placed position. The former chart-topper has enjoyed its time inside the top five titles during the past few weeks but has started its slide down the chart as some newer titles hit all formats and make themselves known.


Our look at the lower end of the chart starts with a trip to Yorkshire and stopping off at the sixth position with tea and scones at ‘Downton Abbey‘. The film has seen a great turnout of sales ever since its release and has to be one of the best selling titles of 2020 already.


They have seemingly run out of bullets and other ways to kill the undead as ‘Zombieland: Double Tap‘ seems to have been bitten this week as it falls four places to hide itself out at the seventh-place position. The ten years in the making comedy/horror sequel is still one of the best films to rent/ buy/ download in the chart and deserves the success it has enjoyed.

Zombieland Double Tap 2

Audiences at home seem to have tired of seeing two Will Smith’s for the price of one as ‘Gemini Man‘ slips again, this week by only a single place as it lands in the eighth position in the chart.


The shine is wearing off as ‘Doctor Sleep‘ awakens and falls three places to end the week in the ninth-placed position. To be fair though, the film only hit the disc format this past Monday so it is almost certainly a temporary blip for the Stephen King sequel to ‘The Shining‘ and I expect it to move up the chart quite significantly next week.


Digging its snow boots in and managing to not slip on the ice this week and hold onto the tenth and final place in the chart is animated family comedy ‘Abominable‘. It could only be a brief reprieve for the film however and it is still dangerously close to the exit door.

Abominable 5

Hitting download and keep from March the 16th, the world can once again burst into song (oh, let it go!) as Disney sequel ‘Frozen II‘ is released. Normally, I would describe the film and its merits at this point. However, I haven’t seen the original film and by that reckoning, haven’t seen the acclaimed sequel so as such, I can’t offer you my thoughts on the film itself.  However, my fellow FOTF writer Darcie has seen the film and you can read her review right here:

Review | Frozen 2


So, what will make the grade next week? Will ‘Terminator: Dark Fate‘ once again terminate all comers and hold on to its top position? Will ‘Midway‘ send its forces into battle and claim victory in the battle for chart domination? Will ‘The Addams Family manage to click their fingers and become a spooky chart-topper? Could ‘Joker‘ laugh again and hit the summit? Or will ‘Doctor Sleep‘ awaken from its slumber and shine the way to the top of the chart?

Whatever you decide, whatever you buy, happy viewing!


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